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about my whole idea of this fast

Date:   5/16/2008 1:15:03 AM ( 14 y ago)

Haha, so here I am back home. Alright, I've been trying diets, exercises and all crazy stuff to lose weight and I did manage to, but the weight just rebounded back when I couldn't stand the hunger and i felt worse and rather toxified inside.. especially after the protein sparing modified fast which made me so bloated from all the meat! bleh..

So since I can't stand the hunger, why juice-fast? Well i kinda figured out that juice fasting requires little digestion on the stomach, meaning after 3 days of perseverance, my hunger won't be awakened and i can just go on doing stuff without thinking wat to eat next. And I'd really love the feeling of not thinking about food (because I can't even think of anything else other than juice!).. limiting my choice to orange juice is probably a way to reduce calories, people tend to consume more calories when they are eating a range rather than mono-diet. and orange juice satisfies my sugar cravings.

All these said, the best thing I can think of is the reduction in bloat, the better insides (I'm trying to imagine wat my intestines and lungs look like after living in the city and breathing huge amounts of 2ndhand smoke and exhaust for 4 months so far)..

So I bought a body scrub to drybrush my skin for toxins to escape =) I seriously hope I'll look healthier, slimmer and really the most important thing is after the cleansing, be wiser about putting a piece of potato chip into my mouth.. Has anyone tried boiling a handfull of potato chips in a pot? there was this layer of yellowish oily sludge at the sides of the water surface! i tried that last night ^_^ guess less chips for me after this fasting ends!!

Height: 5ft4
Weight 160 pounds

I really hope I can reach 145 pounds and maintain it!

Only wish is that this fast won't make me distracted from studying for exams which are coming in a few weeks' time =(

I'm scared of the withdrawal symptoms that may come tmr!! All that headaches and stuff, but if I don't start now, all these will live INSIDE me instead.. go away toxins and dirt!!


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