The Juice Fast, Day 1/28 by disturbance .....

Irritable, restless, but so far so good. Feel free to comment!

Date:   5/12/2008 3:23:52 AM ( 15 y ago)

Kick me if I'm blatantly wrong, but personally I reckon there are only a few reasons to do a fast, and even less to fast for a whole month - weight loss or general dieting not being included in those.
Fasting is a time to be extremely selfish - rarely if ever one get such an opportunity to concentrate fully on the fragile symbiosis of their body and mind. Fasting is a time to quiet down, relax, and concentrate on things one likes the most. It is a time to start thinking what your body wants to eat, not what your mind craves. And this is the hard lesson to be learned. It is a funny and exciting feeling to realise, "oh, my tummy isn't actually that empty, why would I drool after this massive restaurant meal, then?!", and let go of such a silly thought.
Fasting is a time for a person to temporarily drop all excess responsibilities, inclusing mothers cooking for their needy greedy families (they can very well cook for themselves for a few weeks!). It is a time to heal. If the fast is used for any other purpose, or perfomed in a hasty manner with no room for peace of mind, it easily becomes a chore, and never reaches its full potential, possibly making the whole experience less recommendable demanding way more patience than actually necessary. So many people make fasting too hard for themselves merely due to the lack of pre-preparation and commitment.


Although I was serious during both of my previous fasts, blaming circumstances I eventually forgot to watch for my tummy getting full, and instead concentrated on finishing the portion in front of me. I think this is a major problem for so many - they don't actually realise when they need no more nourishment for the time being!
Ohh I have such a dislike for gourmet cookery right now. Of course one can make bloody brilliant dishes out of virtually anything, but not only is cooked food unhealthy, also making massive, complex dishes in a million different flavours only invites one to binge on the fabulous tastes! Yes, I could use all my energy on dreaming about French and Italian favourites, or then I could actually think what my body is really in lack of, and consume the suitable veggies accordingly.

This is your future Nutritional Therapist speaking! I am actually applying for a university in Central Finland to study the subject, and the entry exams are next week. I am pretty confident I won't make it despite my high motivation simply due to the unreasonably large volume of applicants, but nevermind. I'm really into this stuff, I know what I want, and I will keep on filling my Healthy Notebook with related subjects, and perform these human tests on myself.
I like to trial everything before recommending, and so far I've gone through also the P&B shakes for a month which was a wonderful experience. I've also dropped mostly all dairy and bread out of my diet successfully to treat my candida overgrowth (with the exception of dark rye bread commonly available in Finland, its fibre consistency is usually more than 11%, and there are available the kinds made into a traditional 'root' with no yeast used). I went through the Humaworm treatment right about a year ago, and I have just ordered my second set. It should be great to do this during a fast! Oh, and during my last fast I also did the liver flush, which didn't quite work as I hoped, but I'll probably give it another go after this fast. Other stuff I wish to get done are the kidney&bladder cleanse, heavy metal cleanse, full-body cleanse, and a mostly raw diet.

I probably won't be doing much exercise during this fast simply because of the lack of credits. The situation should easen up in July, so I might start going to a gym with a friend to attend their awesome fitness dancing classes. Until then, I will get to riding my bike. Unfortunately it's too far a ride to get to work by bike - over 15 kilometers each way - but I like riding so much that I'll probably take time to enjoy the weather after work.

Loose thoughts on food, especially when reading other people's bloggings about their cravings. Will have to concentrate on other things now.


It's half one in the afternoon, and I'm getting quite irritable. Music I don't like, people interrupting me, taking those calls all the time and the loud ringtone, the artificial-tasting orange and mixed fruit juices, my fringe... Trying to take it cool and breathe deeply.
I might be a bit ahead with these emotional releases since my pre-week went to devotedly, and I got to sweat in excess on Saturday. But I've got to buy a toothbrush and another tube of that toothpaste to keep with me at work - these juice-coated teeth are annoying me, as well!
Oh, and I need to find a body brush, too, otherwise a dry towel will have to do again...

Hot and cold in turns, and feeling very restless. Sorting out my entry exams for four different uni's (just in case I don't make it with the Nutrition), and they totally clash with me changing my employer and desperately needing to be present. Ah well, at least this is not my dream career, just a temporary thing.

Someone just made a whole bag of microwaved popcorn for a snack (oh, yuck!!) in the office's communal kitchen, and the smell is floating all around. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.


I reckon the restlessness is due to the store-bought juices, one dl contains 190 KJ of energy (not that I know or care about calories and all that anyway, my approach is way more holistic than panicking over some fashionable numbers).

Will have to take my friend's dog out after work. I'm so aggressive and hyped right now that I'll probably take my bike out, and let the chipper little hound run. It loves to let some steam out, and so should I. Great timing, I reckon! If I have the energy, I'll probably take the dog out three days after work this week, even though I need some energy for moving on Friday. Or maybe this will give me just that energy, who knows.

My stepmother promised to take me veggie shopping on Thursday, when it's pay day for both of us. We'll combine our shopping so I'll get more stamps for collecting knife-sets of two - a new collecting frenzy by a supermarket chain. Once again, excellent timing regarding my moving, knives are just what I need. I currently also collect stickers to get half-price doonas and pillows from another market chain.
Yay! If I keep concentrating on these lovely coincidences my mood will surely boost in no time!


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