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My 30 day Juice Fast

Date:   5/11/2008 2:38:52 PM ( 13 y ago)

I am a writer by nature. I blog on my myspace page.. I write long emails to friends and families and make people laugh. I have a knack for creative writing. What I dont have a knack for anymore is control - especially when it relates to food.

I have always been into health. I am well read in the subject seeing how I have fibromyalgia,TMJ, & IBS, I have spent years reading about those subjects as well as general health and nutrition. I used to work for a celeb doctor/author. I have worked for a Whey Protein company... I now run a surf company - but hey, I am still into health.

Seems like I have always had some for of Eating Disorder... always managed to stay trim, except on year in college I put on more then the freshman 15.. more like the freshman 40. But t was also the same year that I was diagnosed with Fibro.. which was 11 years ago, before it was as wide known as it is now..

The past couple of years I went thought a hard breakup, and a multitude of challenges and the only thing I ended up with control over was myself and my body. I ended up working out 3 times a day, losing a ton of weight and maintaining a body weight of 98 pounds for over a year.. I am 5'2 - but 98 pounds on me looks like 85 pounds.. or so I was told.

I managed to gain a few pounds and just stay fit and tiny and happy.. The past few months I was under stress and an eating addiction occurred. I think I have always had it, but managed to control it by only eating after I would work out and forcing myself to stay small. But the past few months, between stress, fibro, the immense TMJ pain and the IBS spiraling out of control - I have gained almost 30 pounds.. which has only made all of those ailments 100 times worse. Now I cant workout and all I do is think about food and binge eat.

I have started fasts, raw food detoxs, etc - only to break them after a day or two because the desire to eat is so overwhelming that I feel like I could become violent in the cracker aisle of the grocery store if I did not feed my need for a bag of soy chips!!

I have spent hours upon hours reading blogs, websites, online diet books, etc on anything i can try to help break this lifestyle, get back on track, detox my body and find happiness within myself again.. So I have decided that i am going to do a juice detox for 30 days..

Today is day one...

I am writing this blog for ME... I need to support myself through this and seeing how writing is what i do best and is highly cathartic for me, I am going to journal my experiences.. I blog on my myspace page - but those are long winded, humorous stories best told to my family and friends.. This is one story, that for now, I need to tell just myself and random strangers who may stumble upon this site..

I know that the other 100's of people who have written of their experiences have motivated me thus far.. so maybe in return, I will help some other random stranger along the way as well.

More to come,



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