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Good positive energy grows, and so does negative energy

Date:   5/9/2008 2:36:36 PM ( 13 y ago)

It really is true, but almost NOBODY believes it:
"If you display a positive and helpfull attitude, you will create positive and helpfull attitudes around you".

And, sadly, the opposite is true.

Wearing a smile is the simplest example, although perhaps meaningless in a world with such big problems as our world has, of creating positive energy. Scowling does the opposite. If you don't believe this is true, just go look at yourself in the mirror wearing a smile and see how it makes you feel like smiling, and try to notice the energy that goes into your body. Unless you are very good at fighting this kind of thing, it just happens. Just let it happen, and it does.

Now look at yourself scowling. You feel that dark energy. It is there, no doubt about it... I hope you notice this, and remember it next time you are out in public.

Of course, smiling doesn't do much for the world, but take this idea to the next level and try to BE positive and helpfull - go ahead and OFFER to help that guy who dropped his bags, even if he is angry and hostile, and if he lets you into his pain with your offer of help, VIOLA!!! - he will almost certainly help someone else today.

And taken to another level, we can be a force of world changing energy if we put this positive and helpfull attitude to work in all we do. At your job, if possible, try "to do good". It will spread.

What sparked this little tirade about being positive and helpfull is that someone I know who was deeply wounded by sexua| abuse by a teacher has been spreading their negativity onto me. I was engaged in conversations with this person, mostly about that abuse, and this victim was creating a huge dark cloud over me. I noticed it soon enough - it is important to monitor ourselves this way, so we can catch that negative stuff before it sinks in too deeply - and stopped the conversation. I changed topics, and told them about negative energy.

Today, this victim wrote back to me and said they had gone to the mirror, and then realized what kind of negative effect they were having out on the streets when they scowled around like that. "I will try to keep the positive vibe showing" they told me.

You see, it doesn't have to be "true", as in what you are really feeling. I know, this sounds fake, but it isn't. This abuse victim's negative energy was either going to be multiplied, or it was going to be reduced and changed in to positive energy, even if they LIED to themselves by putting on a fake smile. "The effort of putting on a fake smile means that there is the INTENT to create positive, or avoid negative, energy" they told me today.

And thats enough - intention IS enough of a force to change negative into positive.

Have a good day!!


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