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Date:   5/5/2008 7:43:03 AM ( 13 y ago)

Today, I'm doing a Water Fast. My goal is to do this for the entire work week (Mon-Friday).

This is my plan for the week:
Vit C. Flush every morning
Water throughout the day
1 cup of Parsley Tea
Herbal Teas
Smooth Move Tea before Bed

Today is day one of my detox. I didn't weigh myself this morning. It took 50,000mg of Vit. C to flush my body. That's quite sad. I don't feel energetic. I thought I would. Actually, I feel a bit worn down. Maybe because it took so much and my body is releasing a lot of toxins. I've gone to the bathroom at least 5 times in 45 minutes.

I have to make sure to drink lots of water and tea today.

Well, I better get ready for work. Will update this later.

Afternoon Update:
Its been eight hours since the Vit. C took affect. I'm still "flushing" out junk. Old junk. I noticed some red tomato skin like things in the toilet. If memory recalls, I believe these are liver flukes. Trying to get as much water and tea down as possible. Tonight will be a real test. I'm cooking dinner for my boyfriend tonight. I will make sure I have a hot cup of tea with me while he enjoys pasta. We are going to go bike riding tonight. I have to be sure to take it easy; ride at a leisurely pace. If I feel uncomfortable, I will definitley cut the ride short.

I wil weigh myself tomorrow to keep track of weight changes. I read one day of a water fast = 3 days of a juice fast. I assume I will see results quickly.

I am still shocked at how muc Vit. C it took to flush me out. I can't believe I was that deficient. I know my body is in bad shape, but that's really bad. I assume my cells, and other parts of me appreciate the Vit. C boost. I assume it will take that same amount to flush me out.

Well, back to work.


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