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New day, same old s#!t - literally

Date:   4/13/2008 2:11:06 PM ( 13 y ago)

If you read my previous blogs you'd see that my enemas (two in total) moved from totally unproductive to slightly productive to what's happening to me now.I feel like I just did four round with Mike Tyson and he won. As soon as I started the enema I had to stop and go. Things were coming out from the get o and my tummy was churning. Knowing it was incomplete I did it a second time, then a third and then a fourth. All times I barely managed to put in any water and had terrible cramping diarrhea totally unlike the other two times which were quite comfortable. The poop was large and solid.

Here's why its significant though. As soon as he pain began I went back to a time in my life over ten years ago when I used to be constipated, spending all night on the loo fighting with hard as rocks, huge stuff tat never did come out. Eventually they did stop trying to come out and I got peace, no more pain and I could sleep through the night. My stools actually became very soft and watery and I would go almost as soon as I ate. I was sooo happy.

Today I realized that all those things that never came out are still in there. I fund them today and no I still didn't get them out. I think they moved to someplace that let the other stuff pa but were making my intestine sick so it couldn't absorb waster properly, hence the runny stool and diarrhea I was so happy for. I had forgotten my stint with constipation, pitying those who experience it. Apparently, I'm still constipated and I'm feeling the discomfort as I write.

Funny thing is when your body is trying to heal itself it seems to bring up memories of the exact time when the damage was done no matter how long ago. Strange!


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