mc day 2 by bbless .....

doing okay second day

Date:   4/8/2008 11:40:29 AM ( 15 y ago)

weighed 186 first thing this morning. not getting too excited. this always happens when on a liquid diet, then rebounds as water equalizes.

made a carafe of tonic to take to work. grabbed some of the teabags. made it to the staff meeting and sipped on a cup of ginger tea. finally got my post meeting appointments out of the way so I can down my first 24 oz tonic. drank a cup of smooth move. very small bm this morning. light headache but not oppressive. watched a documentary on Julia Child last night, kind of spaced out, the next show was a food episode...not a great idea. turned the tv off immediately. tried to read, but couldn't focus. at one point I was turning pages without having read a word. doing okay at this late morning point.

not passing nearly as much water today as yesterday. wonder if that is just first day stuff or due to the little bit of black tea I had yesterday. no real headache at all early afternoon. helped to finish my lemonade. sucking down water and ginger tea now.

did about 12 minutes on the rebounder with the two pound hand weights- which is getting easier and less painful on the legs, 20 minute massage, did some tricep dips.

came home and dragged out the jack lalanne juicer. juiced a big clump of celery, a few carrots, a couple slices of fresh pineapple, and an apple. drank 12 ounces of that. drank my smooth move. drank about 6 ounces weak tonic. pot of chamomile tea. prayed, cried, read for a bit, wrote in my journal, no headache, minor mucousy bms, asleep by 10pm so that was better.


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