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Sabotage but I'm so focused

Date:   3/25/2008 10:26:04 PM ( 14 y ago)

Ok, so this is the day I was scared of because everyone I know that's done this says the 3rd day is the worse because you have headaches and horrible cravings but once you get past it, you're good. Well I'm happy to say that that DID NOT happen. Actually I had a slight headache most of yesterday but I think that was because I wasn't drinking enough water. And I haven't had any cravings.

I did have an ongoing inner struggle with myself for several hours about whether I should make this my last day. My brain kept trying to rationalize that I had proved that I have self discipline because most people wouldn't even attempt to do this and of those who do, many wouldn't get through three days so clearly I am up to the challenge. Right? Yeah, I had to laugh at that too. I mean it's true to a certain extent but what is my three days compared to those who've gone 30 or more? So um yeah... Tomorrow is gonna be interesting because it will be my first day back at work since I started this. I'm glad I took some time off to get this started because I've noticed my energy levels go up and down throughout the day and sometimes I feel like just laying down and up until now I have been able to so we'll see. But even when I have felt tired, I have felt good so I should be all right.

What I do wanna know though is...can my breath smell any worse? I mean this is ridiculous! I really miss being minty fresh...I really do. I just wish I could have a piece of gum! And this being cold to the point where I need to be huddled up under a cover when it's 70 something degrees outside that is crazy too. I mean I know that it's supposed to be normal after reading some of the other blogs but it is just weird. I'm used to my body temperature always being level.

What I do like is that my skin is sooooo soft. I mean I am like a baby's butt all over. Seriously! And my skin is...I hate to say it but it is glowing. It looks completely different from the way it looked three days ago. And I was on You Tube earlier looking up Master Cleanse (told you I was addicted to googling all things MC) and there are a lot of people who vlogged their daily experience while doing this and you can see how their skin tone changes as they progress through the cleanse. It's pretty cool.

Also the first thing I noticed this morning was that my arms have gotten smaller. I don't even need to step on a scale (I did though...LOL) cuz I can tell that my body looks smaller. I know, I know it's just water weight and that is not the reason why I'm doing this...but let's be real, seeing it is a great motivator.

But I think my mother is trying to sabotage me! She lives with my husband, kids, and me and last night she asked me how long I plan to do this and I told her I want to get to 10 days and she just nodded and went to bed. Well what did I wake up to this morning? BACON! I love bacon!!!!!!!!! So I come downstairs and as soon as I come around the corner, she turns and looks at me with a lil smile and I see that my two children have already eaten cereal so this breakfast (there were biscuits and eggs too but all I could see, smell and hear the grease popping from was BACON) is not for them but after she makes her plate there are still 5 pieces of bacon still sitting on a plate laid off to the side. Who are those for?? But I just went about the business of making my salt water and then my juice and in a little while my children came over and got the bacon. Thank God! But then tonight, she makes NACHOS! Are you f-ckin kiddin me???!!! That is like my favorite! And I don't even know if she is doin this on purpose...I mean maybe she just wanted to make something simple and easy but when she came and sat next to me with her plate of cheesy tortilla chips heavily laden with seasoned ground beef, salsa and sour cream, all I could think about was how sadistic that mess is. Then I drank my lemonade. :)

Let the haters be your motivators. Bless everyone who has decided to take on this endeavour. And everyone who would try to sway us from it out of love and concern for us.


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