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getting better

Date:   3/21/2008 11:56:10 AM ( 14 y ago)

Day 9
I am full of energy, I have been so tired so this is a really nice surprise. Food looks and sounds good, but I am not going to way. my health is much more important than quick satisfaction. I cant believe how my body has loosened up, I am much more flexible, I am guessing that I was holding to much water. It is pretty amazing feeling your body work and heal. I know that extraordinary things are happening. Easter is coming and the celebration is at our place. I am not worried about temptation, I am concerned about the pressure to eat from family. No one knows except my husband and two sons...I think I will slip away during meal time.

Day 10
wow, 10 days. I am so excited and actually looking forward to another 35!. My body is drastically dropping weight. I am heavy to begin with, so no worries.I am a little tired this morning. And, I feel the urge to use the bathroom. Forgive my bluntness but my gas has a foul odor? I am considering a coffee enema to help expel toxins, I have done one several times before and I love them. Also, I have a cramp on the low right side of my stomach, it kind of feels like muscle stretching, I have no idea what that about! that is about it for now, happy Easter...what are we celebrating it for, hmmmm.


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