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40 day water fast, not so bad

Date:   3/19/2008 8:30:07 PM ( 13 y ago)

I started this fast because I am very overweight (250) 5'3 and female! My diet is very bad and I want to jumpstart my health.

Day 1-3
were good. The first three days were a breeze, but I believe that is only because I was so busy. I literally did not have time to eat. My mouth is yucky.

Day 4-5
a bit harder. I was craving everything. It is funny what sounds good when you are limited! My mouth is still yucky. I have not weighed, but my pants are loose and one person (who did not know about the fast) has commented

Day 6-7
I am so tired, zero energy, small pains in my lower back and neck,and headache but the weakness in my arms is really bothering me. You can really take for granted how much you lift, pull and push...I hope that goes away. I had a massage and colonic (before I was advised not to do the colonic)on day seven, I got a burst of energy, it was very relaxing.

Day 8
I woke up with much more energy around eight am, but lost it around noon. It was hard to push a vacuum. Today I am craving a little more. The smell of celery was tempting. My arms are very week, again this is bothering because I do not want to loose muscle...I'll research a bit. Also, (according to my husband) I do not have bad breath, believe me he would let me know. I am waiting for the foul smell, that would be a detox sign...I want that!

I will be posting again on the 26th (of March)...I hope this encourages someone!


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