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Bhopal, India, 1984: A deadly gas leak from a pesticide manufacturing plant (Union Carbide, now part of Dow Chemical) killed 15,000 people and poisoned scores more. Survivors of the disaster are still seeking health care, justice, and cleanup after 24 years! Help the survivors by signing an online petition asking that Indian Prime Minister meet with survivors who are marching 500 miles to New Delhi.

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Faxes for Bhopal
March 13, 2008

Bhopal MarchThousands support Bhopal demands: Marchers trekking from Bhopal have reached the half-way point in their 500-mile padyatra (foot pilgrimage), and expect to reach New Delhi on March 28. They are seeking safe water, clean-up, accountability and full restitution from Dow Chemical for the 1984 Union Carbide plant explosion and ongoing suffering.
Since the March began Feb. 20, people around the world have deluged India's Prime Minister with postcards and faxes, urging him to meet with the marchers in Delhi and fulfill promises he made two years ago to address the issues. (PAN North America has generated more than 1,200 postcards to date.)
You can support the march by using PAN's Bhopal Action Page to send a free fax to the Prime Minister. (For the latest updates on the march, go to: Videos from the march are being posted on YouTube.
Women take a stand in India: In January, 500 Indian women tore up the road leading to Dow Chemical's proposed 100-acre, Rs. 4 billion ($98,861,000) research and development center near Pune. The women, members of the Bhamchandragarh Bachao Warkari Farmer Sangharsh Samiti, vowed to occupy the site until Dow agreed to address the suffering of the victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas explosion. Despite threats from police, the standoff continues.
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