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P90X 1st rest day and first results from P&B shakes

Date:   3/14/2008 7:41:34 AM ( 13 y ago)

Today is my rest day from my P90X routine. I probably should have started it on a Monday so that Sunday would be my rest day. Oh, well...

I have been on the P&B shakes for 2 days now and I just passed a large portion of poo with a small rope of something attached to it all. This P&B stuff better not be some hoax, lol! So far, that impressed me a little. I took 4 shakes yesterday and woke up and took another while ago.

I have gotten a minor sore throat from my daughter. She has been really sick and coughing a lot and now I got it. I know it wont last long in my body though because of all the juice I drink and liquids I take:) In fact, I feel much better after waking up.

By the way, I did Kenpo routine yesterday and I am so sore today in my back. I love it! I almost gave had to stop because I fractured my ankle years ago and it never quite fully recovered and was hurting pretty bad. I stuck with it though and just rested a little during some of it.


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