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Day 1

Date:   3/11/2008 12:21:18 AM ( 13 y ago)

Today was the first day of the fast. I did a pre-fast diet which consisted of mainly raw fruits, salads, and dried fruit. I felt that the preparation was beneficial and was, quite possibly, the reason for my success in making it through the first day. So why a 7 day juice fast?

1. To rid myself of my acne problem. Acne is basically the result of the body not being able to properly dispose of toxins.

2. To aid in conquering my anxiety problems. Very few know about my anxiety issues. I try to keep it to myself. But it is very real and something I want to fight.

3. To lessen or cure my allergy problems. I'm highly allergic to pollen and would very much like to see this ailment eliminated.

4. Preventative healthcare. I feel that I am sick more often than I should. I've taken far too many prescription and non-prescription drugs in my life and i'm convinced that my sicknesses are the result.

Here are the specifics as to exactly what i'll be doing on a day-to-day basis:

1. Absolutely no solids.

2. At least 60 oz. of water

3. At least 60 oz. of juice

4. I will use organic produce only

5. I will add a small amount of raw hemp protein powder to a selected juice.

6. 1 oz. of Wheat Grass juice

My juice is an Omega 8005. It is a slow speed single gear juicer which is preserves the vitamin and mineral component of the juice, as well as many other properties that make the juice as nutritional as possible.

Today's intake:

1 Orange
1 Grapefruit
1 Tomato
1 Garlic Clove
2 Red Cabbage Leaves
1 Red Raddish
1 oz. Wheat Grass

-The drink was OK.
-The Wheat Grass juice made me gag. It wasn't too bad after I held my nose.

Today's Output:
-#2 once
-#1 Normal


Today's Physical Outlook:
-Felt full and relieved after first juice. I was extremely hungry and restless until the second drink.
-My strength felt fairly normal. Not too weak.

Today's Mental Outlook:
-After hearing that the first day is the worste, I really feel that I can do this. It really wasn't THAT bad.
-I'm in a transitional state in my life with my career and such. Wondering if this was the best time to start such a thing? Only time will tell, but i'm absolutely determined to make it at least 7 days.


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