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Date:   3/4/2008 10:24:39 AM ( 13 y ago)

hey everyone! im maggie, and i'm doing a short 12 day water fast - i want to get in a short mini cleanse before mid april, but i'm having a bunch of visitors / busy schedule from mid march all the way til end of april almost, so i figured id just go for it now while i have the chance instead of putting it off.

this weekend i prepped for the fast - saturday i just had some light meals with simple fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. sunday was all fruit, except im kicking myself - i had to go out to dinner with my friends and ended up eating some white rice and vegetable lomein as my last meal when i had planned on having fruit all day. but no matter i guess, and i'm just going to keep up with my plans.

im going to try to keep up with my exercise during this and see how i feel.. ive been going to an exercise class 2 days a week and running about 2 miles for 2 others. ill update later tonight for my first day :)


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