Day 3 by lbbeezy .....

Day 3 went very smoothly, although I skipped the gym. I have learned that an all veggie juice is not for me.

Date:   3/3/2008 6:37:27 PM ( 15 y ago)

OK, so it is 6:30p on my 3rd day. It went much better than I was expecting!!!!

I brought with a melon juice which I had on my way to and while at work early this morning. I also brought with a carrot, apple, strawberry (one of my favorites) and had that around 11a.

I went home for lunch and made a green juice (broccoli, spinach, cucumber, garlic, and dill) as well as a pear, strawberry and blackberry (also delicious!). I couldn't finish the green one. I think I may just need to add small amounts of veggies into my fruit juice, otherwise it is just too weird for me...?

I was going to go to the gym, but I remembered that Mondays are a mad house at my gym. There is rarely parking, and very few machines. I figured I was allowed a day off so i am at home drinking jasmine tea (with lemon and honey) watching my Martha Stewart episode from earlier today.

Work wasn't that bad, my coworkers didn't say anything about my crazy colored drinks. I wasn't too hungry, and I felt really good about doing so well on my first 3 days.

All in all I am happy where I am at & I look forward to the coming days.


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