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Date:   3/2/2008 7:28:00 AM ( 15 y ago)

I was really pleased with results of a 5 day, mostly water fast, in late January. Unfortunately, since that time, I have continued to struggle with dieting. But .. it's a new month, and the great silver-lining is that I started my fast yesterday at about the same weight that I ended in January. That is an accomplishment in my book, and motivates me to see what great things will come of this next one. My day yesterday was rather painless. When motivated, I can easily subsitute meals for Sierra Mist Free. Diahrea is back, but I am guessing that's because I also don't give up coffee with sugar subsititute during fasts. Also, my skin is a little more oily. But those have been the only discomforts.

The challenge is excersize. I want to keep in it this time, and see if that will maximize the amount of weight that I lose. In fact, unless I get too weak, I hope to do more, rather than less, of the cardio, abs, and strength training .. but the first goal is fasting, so we'll just see how I feel each day.

My goal is to get to 158 lbs by the end of this week, and 149 by the end of February.

Had a slow start .. yesterday, I was at 167, today 164. Hopefully more will start to show tomorrow!


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