Poems:Winter Blahs by Liora Leah .....

...for an out-of-sync day.

Date:   2/26/2008 7:16:40 PM ( 13 y ago)

Winter blahs have hit and I feel sort of numb and disoriented. Driving down the freeway today, I felt like I was still in bed, dreaming..."This isn't real," I mumbled to myself. Strange I should feel that way, today of all days, with the sun shining and a nice warm 72 degrees outside, after days of rain, drizzle, mist, damp, and cold. Took a nice slow walk outside in the sun, that only served to tire me out more and add to my funk. Sigh. Just an out-of-sync day.


Spirit nurtures me with berries
but my mouth is closed
and I can not Taste

Spirit sweetens the air for me with sage
but my nose is pinched
and I can not Smell

Spirit paints for me with sunrises
but my eyes are covered
and I can not See

Spirit sings to me with rain patter
but my ears are blocked
and I can not Hear

Spirit touches me with breezes
but I am armored
and I can not Feel

Water Wish

I wish I could evaporate
like water in a pond
rendered gaseous by Sun's rays
to float in the atmosphere
and Free

Winter Blahs
by Liora Leah




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