My Photo in LATimes! by Liora Leah .....

Submitted a photo to the Los Angeles Times online, and I'm "published"!

Date:   2/25/2008 12:53:22 PM ( 14 y ago)

From the Los Angeles Times online, Feb 24, 2008:
"Dear Your Scene Friend,
Your submission to Your Scene has been approved and has been posted at
Thanks so much for being part of Your Scene!"
Actually, anyone can submit a photo to the Los Angeles Times online, there are lots of gorgeous shots of plants/flowers in their garden catagory and many other catagories to choose from. 
p.s. to you photographers out's easy to do, just go to and click on "Your Scene" in the index in the left-hand column, or try going to     You probably have to be registered online to submit, registration is easy and free, you get advertising from the Times on your email once in a while but I "spammed" mine and rarely see anything from them anymore
plus, it's a great way to go PAPERLESS, save some trees, and still get the news!
(can't pass up a chance to put in a plug for the environment, now, can I?)



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