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From the Body Mind Spirit guide, written here in SE Michigan

Date:   2/19/2008 1:50:48 PM ( 13 y ago)

Dear You,

I love you unconditionally. I accept completely all of your shortcomings and all of your strengths. You have gifts that have benefitted others for many, many years and you deserve credit for that. You have also failed others and brought them much pain. You can accept credit for that, too, and still know that in this very moment I am offering you the most unconditional love and acceptance you have ever been offered.

In every moment of your life, I will stand beside you. From this moment on, you will never be alone or abandoned. It is not my place to excuse away or defend your weak moments. It is my place to hold you in my heart no matter how you have failed yourself or any other.

At the same time, I celebrate your strengths and gifts. No one else in the history of the human race has been you and no one else could ever have given what you gave. Whatever you have in your mind to do, you have within you the ability to bring that about. You need no longer ask for permission to do those things that honor your spirit and bring your gifts to the world. From this moment on, you are free to receive all the benefits and abundance the universe makes available to you. No matter what your parents and family had or did not have, could or could not do, you are now free to make your own mark in the world and receive the rewards that are your due. Joy is your birthright.

From this moment on, you will be seen differently and you will see others differently. Without any special effort, you will be an ambassador of unconditional love. People will somehow know this about you and feel, at least in some small way, the kindness in your heart. Your supply of love may expand, it will never contract. You will reflect light wherever you go.

Whatever sorrow you encounter will not be separated from the love I feel for you. In the midst of any doubt, I will be beside you.

Whether you are able to receive this or not, I forgive you. I know your heart and I know that in your deepest heart, you never intended to bring pain to another. When you are able to look into your own heart, you will understand this and accept the forgiveness that you have always deserved.

No matter how well or how poorly others understand you, you are loved and this will always be so.

With you forever,

Your Soul

By: Domenic Tamborriello (reproduced with permission)
Domenic Tamborriello, MSW, CSW, has 23 years experience in working as a therapist. He has given permission to reproduce as long as the proper credit is given to him.

I read this and it spoke to me. I hope it has an effect for you, the reader, as well.

Love, Light and Peace,


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