Day 1 Post Fast by trulioness .....

Thank God I can eat... but the question is... can I Sh!#????

Date:   2/10/2008 5:38:50 AM ( 14 y ago)

I feel like I can accomplish ANYTHING!!!

This experience is what I needed to boost my self, my self esteem and my drive to accomplish more in my business... not to mention taking care of my health…

So I believe I have an iron gut… today for dinner…(it is nice to eat!) I had collard greens, a sweet potatoes and black beans. It was goooooddd. No cramps no nothing! I haven’t had any sweets and I am going to hold off for as long as I can…. I don’t want to relapse because I told you,… I have been known to be pimped by Lil’ Debbie and Resse Cup! They say “its hard out here for a pimp!” So I am in no rush to taste sugar. I remember those cold sweats and the shakes… Be afraid… be VERY afraid!

I feel good but I still haven’t had a bowel movement on my own. Why oh why can’t I sh!T!?!? I did some research online and read that some people have it right after breaking a fast, some a few days after. I am going to be positive and TRUST my body! I have to trust my body MORE! I don’t want anything STICKING to my walls... what must go in.. MUST come out!!! I don’t want to take any enemas but I pray I am not broken, when did I break???!!!! I hope my little bowels kick in! If I have gas I start smiling and get all excited thinking “This is it” only to be disappointed. I don’t think I ever looked forward to a boo-boo…but damn it, I can’t wait!

I read that (start holding your guts.. no pun intended) that if you become addicted to enemas---that means if you used them for more than 7-10 days… you can be an addict! I got all scared and start counting the days on my fingers.. and just when I was CLEAN (get it!). Oh noooo…. All I wanted to do was clear out last year’s dinner and now I may be ADDICTED! I don’t wanna go back to rehab and let all that mucus yeast parasite concoction build up! Anyway…. they advised that you must obtain the feces of a HEALTHY person.. yes, you must ask someone who is CLEAN for their SH!T… smuggle it around in a baggy or something… preferably that person should be a baby 0-18 months. They even give you a color chart to go by.. if it is green…sniff sniff then pass.. green won’t do unless it the baby has just had some green veggie stuff. Oh and yes the baby should be breast fed… (I told you the breast is best—at least mine are)…. They say you can store it in the fridge for 24 hours or something like that. Then you have to take the good sh!t you have obtained and give yourself an enema thingy… that is right folks put the baby sh!t up your ass!!! And you are cured! So I will be posting an ad on craigslist for someone who is healthy.. preferably zero years of age who nourishes themselves primarily by sucking milk from a nipple then we are going to have to meet so I can pick up the product to fix my broken colon!!! Oh God…. Please let my NOT be broken….I don’t want to have to hustle for someone elses boo-boo! I just have to figure out how to get myself started… Got jumper cables??? (Wink wink)

I hope I “go” soon… I have eaten enough veggies to feed a very small village.

So fellow blogger Blind Pew sent me a Raw site and man… I have been reading about raw…for right now for me raw may just be smoothies and uncooked carrots and broccoli! I don’t have time to dehydrate and vitamix and shop for 35 ingredients…. I have money to make so I can hire me a chef to do all my cooking! I am going to start making veggie smoothies regularly… I used to, but you know how that goes! Now is the time for CONSISTENCY!

I will be eating some cooked food and I plan to try many vegan recipes. On the way home from work this morning that saboteur that sometimes pops in our heads and gives us bad ideas…. (I call mine bitch) (just kidding) because she is the one that got me into this mess….. she says go to McDonalds!!! I am thinking..hmmm… hash browns… Then the good common sense part said… do you remember those nights spent on the toilet getting that crap out!!! Then I thought… that isn’t even REAL food… I don’t want synthetic!

I went home and made a veggie wrap for breakfast and I was happy!!!!

I gotta keep my eye on myself!!!! Let us pray for one another!!!!


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