Day 1 of Urine/Distilled Water fast by Furtwangler .....

Notes on where I am healthwise early on Day One (3 p.m.)

Date:   2/9/2008 2:29:51 PM ( 13 y ago)

I'm starting this fast because there is nothing else I can do. I'm having a severe MS flare-up (if you don't already know, Multiple Sclerosis is caused by candidiasis and/or gluten allergy) and nothing is working. I can eat nothing and can drink nothing, not even artesian water or water with sole in it. I have in most ways ceased to function and seem to sleep for over 12 hours daily. I can do nothing to entertain myself and cannot go outside for walks and cannot do household chores except the minimum of what the moggies demand. Extreme thirst, probably caused by extreme urination. I have already tried fasting on all the green drinks I have - pure marine phytoplankton without additives, chlorella, grass juice powder, AFA - and I cannot take them right now; seem to have respiratory reaction to them so that I cannot breathe. So I'm going to try distilled water and my urine, for as long as it takes to rehydrate at least. I have this weight/fat scale that supposedly measures one's total body water; does anyone know about these? It seems alarming to note that I am way under 50% water, though young; suddenly that strikes me as a symptom of being dead or something. I should like to see it get up to a respectable 70% before I stop the fast. Also, my pH is at about 6.2, so I should like to raise it to 7.4 before I stop, but whether this will actually be possible on an intake of distilled water and extremely acidic urine, I rather doubt. I may have to eventually add something alkalizing to the fast in order to achieve that part; perhaps after a few weeks of just urine, I'll be able (be rested) enough to add some chlorella powder or something like that, in order to address the alkalinity problem. For right now, I am just trying to stay alive and get some sort of "rebalance" and healing (and hydration) to my kidneys, brain, and so on. I'm using the StirWand and crystal stones in the water, but I warn consumers not to buy them, as they are absolutely a total scam. I haven't much to report - I just got up recently - but that I have had a pint of distilled water (tasted yuck and metallic, from my Tribest distiller machine) and about 10 oz darkish urine of mine, darker than usual, probably because for some reason I am soooo dehydrated now. It had more taste than usual; last night's had hardly any and was clear. It is rather cold here today and I am mainly staying inside with Poo.

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