Welcome by Shaman Wolf .....

... to Infinity.

Date:   2/6/2008 7:25:32 AM ( 14 y ago)


Welcome to a world of choices, where each one of your thoughts holds the incredible power of sculpting an amazing reality at the speed of life. Welcome to the hollow deck, the ultimate game - where you, the Star, have been given freewill and the power to create.

It is from here that your experience begins to shape and your story unfolds. Welcome to the grand illusion, where you can experience blissful joy and/or heartbreaking sorrow, laughter, smiles, bitter tears, and the challenge to achieve countless dreams.

Enjoy your personal power in this gift that is your Life. Choose abundance, health, happiness and knowledge - all fueled by deep awareness.

Awaken to your true power... Now!

Let's Begin ;)

~ Shaman Wolf


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