Day 26 and I'm baaaad! by trulioness .....

My vision is now focused on the goal!

Date:   2/4/2008 11:16:10 PM ( 14 y ago)

WOW…. I am happy that I have made it thru another day. I drank only water the whole day. I wasn’t very hungry but my stomach was rumbling and doing some of what I guessed was cleaning! I had taken some lax tea when I got off of work and slept for about 2 hours then woke up because I had some business to attend to. I was most likely bothered because I was awake and it was sleepy time tea…you know… it does its job of scrubbing and cleaning while you sleep! For some reason I have had bad gas lately... what is up with that???? There is no food in there! When I finally got home I took and enema and I felt sooooo much better. It wasn’t really anything solid That came out but my stomach was back to normal once it was all done.
I had a desire for sea food during the day but I drank water when the feeling to eat appeared. I didn’t really get lethargic because I hadn’t slept and as you can see, I am still up! It has been an uneventful day pretty much.

I received a reply from iamdacat who gave me plenty of inspiration and said he is a raw foodist. I have thought about raw foods but I honestly know nothing about it, I mean I can eat from carrots and grapes.. . I know there is more but where do I begin? I know I can learn and I am very interested in finding out more. I am serious about making some serious changes so I am going to investigate this further. I know I can do it!

Today I called an organization here in Georgia that focuses on group marathon training. I heard them speak at an event I was at and the speakers experience was powerful. She had lost over 100 pounds and gained a lifetime of friends. They say they take you from beginners level to being able to run 20 miles or more in a marathon! I love the thought of being able to complete a marathon! They hook you up with people in your fitness level and have at it! I am very interested in joining because I welcome all the motivation I can get! Remember... we are aiming for a lifestyle change!

I was pretty productive and I am grateful that I have been more focused. I am more aware about what is important to me physically and emotionally. This week is going to be kinda fun and busy because I have an action packed week. I want to go work out some where and I am taking myself to a play which should be fun.
That is pretty much it… I am just on the grind working on appreciating myself and appreciating life more every day.


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