So, after reading the water fast forum... by b2reflect .....

No water fasting for ... NOW

Date:   2/3/2008 4:59:20 PM ( 15 y ago)

I guess I will just be on juice the rest of the time. I am drinking water with lemon in it, to make sure I drink it and apparently that is not water fasting...makes sense yet I thought , oh well.

If I decide to do the fast longer than 30 days, I think the last 14-23 days (if I stay all the way through Lent) will be water.

I did the oj and castor oil drink. I do not remember it tasting that bad .

OH and my son decided he had a (more than one) craving! He went to the store and bought sugar, and salt...cheese cake, chips, salsa and some icing! Stood next to me with the icing and said he could not eat it like I could (I have eaten a whole container, or pert near, in one sitting). I snapped at him, he said 'what's your problem?' I told him, well I guess me not eating nor wanting to and you come up with foods that I like and talk to me...go figure! LOL He asked how long I was fasting?

At any rate, I am going to take a bath and see if it doesn't help with the headache (which seems to be worse now). While it is running, I will do Son's taxes, so after bath, I just may get in bed with a book and call it a night!



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