Master Cleanse Day 4 by lightertoday .....

Day 4 is so much better!

Date:   1/30/2008 2:33:05 PM ( 14 y ago)

Today I feel GREAT!

I think not-doind SLF makes life so much better.. I dont find the SLF as effective as the Senna tea.. so I think I am going to stick with the tea for now.

I did not get to drink my lemonade until now.. 3:30 pm. So i felt really exhausted, but I had finances to take care of and did not have time to make a lemonade.

My tongue's coating has gotten even thicker.. looks nasty. I can't wait for it to clear off.

My new scale makes me happy since it shows my weight in kilos, and I am used to kilos rather than pound.;. but it is also depressing because I now realize the magnitude by which I am overweight..

Oh well.. the cleaanse is going good and I am sure things are going to be different after the end of it.. I even watched cooking show and did not crave any food! I haven't been hungry for anything except for the lemonade today :)

Okay.. I will update later again: :)

It is 11:30 now and I am getting ready to go to bed. Tomorrow I am half-way through! I am so excited!

I weigh 69.2 kilos which is 152.5 lbs. (my highest, the entire last year was about 161-165, so this is AWESOME)

4 days=4 pounds!

 BMI=25.4 I am .5 pts from Normal! Yay!


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