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Days 1-7 of water fast

Date:   1/28/2008 1:46:44 PM ( 14 y ago)

My water fast has been going pretty well from Day 1 through today, Day 7

A little background: I am water fasting for several reasons: weight loss, a potential "cure" for my endocrine disorder (hypothyroidism), to help with my PCOS, and for the clinical depression I suffer. I also have edema - one doc told me it was Lymphedema connected to a surgery I had years ago, though I am skeptical on this diagnosis. My diet up until now has been fairly bad - lots of coffee and fast food, meats and junk. I know I have not been good to my body over the last few years, and I need to regain my vitality. Once I complete this water fast (slated for 10 days, but I may go 14 if my vitals are good and such) I will begin various supplements along with a predominantly raw food diet. I intend to fast again next month, and subsequent months as well.

I am writing this blog because I have gained inspiration from reading the blogs of others.

Hopefully this isn't too tall an order for fasting, but even if I can see a slight improvement in any of the above issues, I will be grateful.

Day 1: Starts out ok, but I have a terrible headache by mid-morning - the kind where I can not keep my eyes open. I chalk this up to either fasting, or a random headache. I am drinking Brita filtered water, with a touch of organic lemon juice in it. I am usually a seltzer water-aholic, but I am curbing this and reserving it for desperate fasting moments when I need a fix =) I don't go for any walks today, simply because I feel out of sorts, and it is freezing here in CT today.

Day 2: I am COLD. LOL. Since I am hypothyroid, I usually take my temperature anyway out of curiosity, but since I am so cold, I am taking it religiously. It never gets over 96 degrees and I am bit concerned. Some kind curezoners posted some information that eased my mind a bit on that issue. I am feeling achy and a bit agitated, so I take a noontime walk to the park near my house and sit in the sun a while. Nice. My tongue is furry today, and I am eliminating mostly liquid.

Day 3: Still COLD. So cold that I drink my AM water warm. I was up most of the night with just a brief two-hour rest and my scary temp has not exceed 95.4 all day. and all I really want to do is lay in bed with the comforter around me, so I indulge in that. I do not take any walks today, as it is frigid out and I am cold enough as it is. I am pretty hungry today and also quite spacy.

Day 4: I am having some serious insomnia here, but I can't say it is due to fasting. I have always had sleeping issues, and since I have stopped all my medications, it is no shock I can't sleep. Luckily, I do have the liberty of sleeping when I get sleepy. I am amazed at my body temperature today - it has been around 98 all day! I dont think I have had a 98 temp in months, unless I was sick with fever. I am pretty hungry too, and having all kinds of aches and pains in my back, kidneys and limbs. I chalk this up to detox and keep drinking my water.

Day 5: I have a deep daytime sleep today - almost 8 hours. Ahhh. My temp is still up at 98, but I am having severe muscle aches (particularly in my legs). I hem and haw a bit about doing this, but I decide to take some supplements because the aches are disconcerting to me. I take Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, Potassium, and B Complex, along with a 1/4 teaspoon of Iodized Sea Salt. To be honest, I really want to take some prescription pain medication today - that is how bad the aches are. I resist this, as I hope to not be dependent on any drugs going forward.

Day 6: Well, my creepy sore muscles have stopped being sore (yay). I still don't know if that means the supplements helped, or the detoxing has abated. It also could be due to the lymph and edema issues I have. To be safe, I am continuing the supplements while fasting. I am having hunger pangs something fierce today, which is prompting me to drink more water. Temp is sticking around 98 still (loving that) and my emotional state is good.

Day 7: Wow the days fly by - Day 7 already! I am Cold and my temp is back down to around worries here, I expect some kinds of fluctuation. Today, the only pain I feel is in my back and I chalk this up to toxin release. My hunger pangs are mild and since I got some sleep the day before I feel up to going out and doing some errands. I am still quite SPACY. Also, I notice a very keen sense of things around me - sounds, smells, etc. A funny note: I park my car at a shopping center, and when I come out, I have COMPLETELY forgotten where I parked it. Spacy. LOL

Thanks for reading! If I am leaving useful details out, let me know what you'd like to know. Happy fasting, everyone!


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