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My new beginning is today as I put into practice the principles of the Law of Attraction

Date:   1/18/2008 8:57:33 PM ( 14 y ago)

To think only one short week ago, I took this picture off my balcony in Madeira Beach, Florida, while on vacation, the first time I was able to take a 10-day holiday just after Christmas to escape the 6-month winters of mid-West Canada.

It was this view, on this beach that I wanted to engrain in my mind as I contemplated 2008. Having just celebrated New Years on this beach days earlier, it was time to visualize my new year unfolding.

THE SECRET had a major impact on me. It was the first time I realized I could truly go beyond my reality and dream as big as I my mind could fantasize, no limits, no guilt, no barriers, no apprehension.

Before Christmas, I started cutting out interesting words and pictures, anything that caught my attention or that seemed to fit into my already dreaming mind. The cuttings all sit on top of a large green (green to signify $) bristle board on the floor of my bedroom. It's time to get started and piece my DREAM BOARD together.

Joe Vitale said that we all don't want the same things. My goals for 2008 are HEALTH and WEALTH. Hmmmm, what's everyone else wanting??! Now back at work, it's hard to get motivated as I look out my office window everyday at snow everywhere, dead brown trees and grey, gloomy skies. I convinced myself to MAKE MY OWN SUNSHINE, and picture those trees budding in just a few short months. My attitude is my choice, so I'm going to choose to look on the bright side.

Today, my life will change because I THINK IT, I INK IT, I BELIEVE IT, I AM GRATEFUL FOR IT and now I let go and Let


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