challenging afternoon by indogo .....

har afternoon

Date:   1/18/2008 10:51:29 AM ( 13 y ago)

I just made myself get up,I have felt realy sleepy this afternoon.
ad I admit,I was missing food a little.
I did get myself a treat when I was out,i love susan jeffers,I found all her books for a very low price,so I am starting with ''end the struggle and dance with life'':)

I have felt a little mood swung this afternoon,though am getting there.
I can handle it.

Part of my brain is thinking,oh my another 28 days ...that is so long,yest anoter part of me is incredibley strong saying ''thats easy,I can handle t''.:)

and i can handle it.

the smell of food doesnt seem to bother me as I cok for my thats ood.thakyou God for giig me extra strength today :)


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