Day 8 was great! by trulioness .....

No hamburger, sandwiches, hotdogs or MUSTARD please!

Date:   1/18/2008 1:37:44 AM ( 14 y ago)

First, I want to thank you all for all of the positive post and comments. As I have said in previous entries, I find support and encouragement from reading other peoples experiences. I know if they have weathered the storm and MORE than survived, I can too!

This is not just an experience for me, it is a journey. For the past few months the theme in my life has been accountability. I SWEAR. I am being confronted with many truths about who I am and how I am living my life.

I find it so amazing that we wish for things or to become something and never find the strength and wherewithal to achieve it…then we look at ourselves with despair and choose to feel weak… wouldn’t it be much easier if we would muster the courage and EXPAND our comfort zones… it will be uncomfortable but the result will be bliss! We will not only find we are more successful, but that we just plain like what we have managed to BECOME.

These are the things that I think about when the thought of quitting enters my mind. This experience is the start of a new “me” and how I govern my life. This is about WHAT AM I WILLING TO DO TO HONOR MY GUIDANCE AND WHAT AM I WILLING TO GIVE UP TO HAVE IT ALL.

Day 8 started pretty early, I woke around 6:30.. is this like the standard rising hour during fasting?!?!?!? I never wake up this early..but maybe I will from now on! So I wake up, and followed another one of my commitments which was to write for at least 40 minutes, I struggled thru it but got it done… that was a great thing. My intuition told me to “exercise now” but I proceeded to clean, wash clothes etc… because this time of fasting is about clearing and letting go.. I cleaned out some things that I didn’t need and the energy felt sooo much better in the house. So now.. I still haven’t exercised and it is time to drive to a client and get a contract signed then go to a evening meeting.. I showered then decided I was going to go to my meeting first..then see the client.. I laid across the bed and didn’t want to get up. All the tiredness hit me once again. After my nap I got to the meeting and uuuuhhhhhh SANDWICHES AND FRUIT!!! Ohh the smell! I immediately took my nutritional drink and grabbed bottled water. Watching people eat didn’t bother me too much but the woman sitting next to me.. I saw the cheese and tomato dandling so delicately off the sides of a perfectly round robust bun… and did I mention MUSTARD. The sweet and tangy smell of mustard as never been so good to me. I closed my eyes and remembered the texture and the feeling of the gooey stuff melting on my tongue.. ohhhh to desire condiments! 

Then I had to bring myself back to reality and focus on the goal at hand… I made it through without stuffing a whole hoagie down my throat!

It is now 2:17 so technically I have made it through day 8... but I am at work now and won’t be getting off until 7 am. I must say that thoughts of food creep in and out.. but I can honestly say that I know won’t eat anything. I have come too far to turn back now.

Oh and let me add.. Someone told me about this and I just tried it as I type this.. Sipping on hot water… It is a little different but my stomach has been churning, this did the trick. I am now soooothed!

My goal for the rest of this fast and the rest of my life is to make exercise a priority.

Gotta do it!!!!

As I age gracefully, I want to be able to walk and breathe on my own… I am just too cute to be crippled!


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