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Day 14 - Dealing With My Issues

Date:   1/17/2008 12:31:19 PM ( 15 y ago)

Day 14:

Some more thoughts on the healing process. I now look at the fasting process as a tool that allows me to get in touch and in synch with both my physical body as well as my mind. I didn't expect this - but I feel its the key to healing. Funny - the physical stuff seems easy - the mind is a little more of a challenge. So the tools that I know of that I have used for awhile are as follows:

1. Meditation
2. Kundalini Yoga - Opens your energy centers
3. Positive Affirmations

I've made a short-list of the "issues" that my mind is facing and have decided to work each issue through these processes. If you are not familiar with "tools" and how to use them - I would suggest that everyone finds or has different things that they can use - that works for them. If you have not yet discovered these yet - I found a great place to start many years ago was a book by Louise L. Hay (of HayHouse Books) titled "You Can Heal Your Life". See
Louise does such a great job presenting self-help information in a way that is simple, and easy to understand. At first you may feel the book is a little "over-dressed" but if you get beyond that the message is very strong and powerful.

Some other observations so far on the fast - I can say the food cravings are like a rollercoaster. I'm now trying to get in tune with the specific emotion that triggers the craving - I see the craving's root more now as an emotional need - rather than an actual physical hunger. For example - while at work if there is a "stressor" and lets say it triggers my frustration - then I notice that to alleviate the frustration perhaps I start craving pizza or pasta - an old pattern! And again - prior to this fast I was not overweight at all - so I can imagine how others do this same thing and get overweight.

So I'm working on replacements to the old patterns - I think the key is learning how to not internalize the negative emotion - meaning it's ok to have it - but have it and release it vs. having it and keeping it in.

Today's Intake:
- Orange Ginger (great!)
- Celery, Carrot, Cabbage, Beets (good)
- Celery, Carrot, Cabbage, Romaine Lettuce (good)

Today's Output:
- I am going to the bathroom #1 like every 3-4 hours, urine is clear, no odor
- #2 Once, Normal

Today's Physical Outlook:
- Noticing body changes

Today's Mental Outlook:
- A spiritual awakening has begun


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