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Day 7 - Feeling Cold Quite Often

Date:   1/10/2008 11:11:34 AM ( 13 y ago)

Day 7:

Started the day feeling a great energy level. Not high or low just a consistent comfortableness about it. Still stumbling a bit with the lowered BMR - beginning to wonder if this is something not to do during cold weather months - not that I have a choice - but perhaps for others this may be a consideration. I think your BMR is natural to lower during fasting but the combination of a sudden change in cold weather also puts the body through some challenge. Spoiled here in Southern California - we really only have about 2-3 weeks a year cloudy and cold. My feet were sooo cold that I partially filled up the bathtub with hot water and soaked for awhile. this really helped.

Juicing is going fine - I will say that I much prefer the fruit juices to the vegetable. For some reason the smell of the vegetable juice causes an aversion - I don't mind the taste and once I get it down it feels really good inside - but the smell can almost make me a little nauseous. Perhaps I should try drinking this from a straw - right now I'm just chugging it as quickly as I can.

Also noticing that this process is a little on the expensive side - especially due to the organics - which by the way - I never really knew the difference until now. I can really tell and appreciate the quality and taste of the organics. The few non-organics seem to be tasteless and call me crazy but don't feel like they have the same nutrient and enzyme quality. Also I can detect the residual pesticides and fertilizer in the non-organics. I would say that on average this costs about $20-30 per day based on my current consumption.

Also I'm realizing that I've got to get "greener" about my water consumption. Currently using spring water from bottles - but I'm drinking a case every few days.

So decided to go for a walk in early evening. It is very cold outside so I bundled up. Went for 8 miles which felt great, no energy highs or lows as previously. After walk took a hot shower and did my green juice - and BMR really tanked. It does not make you feel bad, just cold. So I cranked the fireplaces and heat.

While I was in the shower I was feeling my abdomen and I could really feel the structures of the upper intestines. I noticed I could feel what felt like a few dime sized lumps - like something inside the intestine. Hmm - wonder what that could be? I'll just keep monitoring it.

Today's Intake:
- Pineapple (great!)
- Celery, Carrot, Cabbage, Beets (good)
- Celery, Carrot, Cabbage, Romaine Lettuce (good)

Today's Output:
- I am going to the bathroom #1 like every 1-2 hours, urine is clear, no odor
- #2 Twice, Normal

Today's Physical Outlook:
- Continue to have low BMR (temp and blood pressure) especially right after taking the green juices.
- Some small bumps noticed in my upper intestine

Today's Mental Outlook:
- The spiritual mind is happy and is compassionate as the physical body goes through this process.
- Anxiety about not eating has subsided
- Food cravings continue to come and go and often have great intensity - even for things that I previously didn't eat - today it was for some pasta with rich high fat cream sauce!


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