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Day 5 - Optimism on Healing

Date:   1/7/2008 12:30:29 PM ( 15 y ago)

Day 5:

Woke up feeling pretty good. Noticed an unusual smell of "curry" from my own body odor. Realized that about 10 days ago we went for Indian food (my family hates it but I love it and just go once or twice a year) - can this really stay in your system that long? I guess you really are what you eat.

Also a big thing I noticed. I must have had some mild adema pre-fast in my arms and legs because now they look different. Can this be that while eating processed foods, toxins and alcohol that we generally carry around this adema forever and don't really notice it? I can now imagine the wear and tear on the liver and kidney's - especially over time. A big lesson for me!

Decided to go for a morning walk - it was raining on and off but not a problem. First 5-10 mins I felt spacey and unsure of my physical ability. As I took one of my first deep breaths I noticed that my left upper lung "opened" higher in my chest - in a place that I had not felt before. This freaked me out a little and I thought to turn back - but I continued. Next I noticed that every tree, shrub, plant, leaf had a distinct and strong odor. Not unpleasant - but sense of smell is like a wolf! Pre-fast I would have the symptom that my left leg and arm would go numb after about 1 mile. This is related to the spinal cord injury. This time it did not happen at all! I continued on to do 8 miles, and I will say that the last mile I was feeling a bit low energy - but it's a mindset more than anything.

After the walk had a long hot shower and my BMR and body temp dropped so I curled up in front of the fireplace with blankets and rested the afternoon. Watched TV - interesting - lots of commercials and programs promoting diets, food and eating out at restaurants. Lots of visual and auditory stimulus to make people want all this crazy fast food! I sat there for a few hours flipping channels - I even watched the Food Network - and I can say it worked - by the end of the day I was really missing and craving food - specific things. So now I realized that to some degree - I have gotten sucked into this genius marketing. I need to meditate on this one!

Another challenge - I ended up making dinner for the family. Everthing smelled so good but strangely I was not compelled or interested in eating any of it.

Today's Intake:
- Orange, Apple, Pear(great!)
- Celery, Carrot, Tomato, Green Pepper (ok) Next time skip the Green Pepper - indigestion!
- Water with Lemon juice (great - calming)

Today's Output:
- I am going to the bathroom #1 like every 1-2 hours, urine is clear, no odor
- #2 Once, Normal

Today's Physical Outlook:
- Weight loss is 6 pounds. Did not get the "numbness" from spinal cord injury while walking, mild adema has subsided, reduction in abdomin fat.
- I felt hungry in the afternnon so drank alot of water with lemon juice - this really helped.
- During today I felt some strange fleeting "pains" in my C-spine and lower spine near the sacrum, also some rumbling near the Solar Plexus (perhaps changing Chakra energy).

Today's Mental Outlook:
- The spiritual mind is happy and is compassionate as the physical body goes through this process.
- I continue to experience some mild anxiety about not eating.
- I am energized with hope that a healing process is beginning


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