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Ask and You shall Receive, as long as you stay attuned (open)

Date:   1/6/2008 3:57:49 PM ( 15 y ago)

I was talking with a friend yesterday and I mentioned that I needed away from other's drama, so that I could take care of me. Well, needless to say, she did not like how I 'portrayed' people's lives. She said it was part of their life, not drama. I said same thing. LOL. At any rate, when I finally had enough, I told her that I agreed to disagree with her...I kept buying into this exchange and didn't choose to any longer. I told her I am wonderful. She said you keep telling yourself that! LOL Well, this truly irked me for a few moments. How dare she? I thought. Then I replied back that I was wonderful.

I realized that I have been asking for a change (even not knowingly) and every morning on my way to work, I have asked 'to help me stay out of others' drama' and on Thursday, I was asked to go to afternoons for 30 days (it can be longer but to change a schedule, it has to be done 30 days at a time). I thought about it and vacillated back and forth. I talked with a friend on Thursday evening and she told me, if it was meant to be they would wait until Saturday for me to answer. I am doing a Tai Chi Chi Kung class that is getting to a level I truly am enjoying. I did not want to miss out on that, by going to afternoons.

On Friday, at work, while walking to put a trailer out, it 'hit' me. I have been asking for a change and this was my answer. I told a friend that I would be surprised if Tai class would not be able to be changed to weekends. Well, it was. I am going to afternoons, which means I have Saturday and Sundays off. I have not had that in over 12 years! If I desire, this change may be for a few months. I will have different people surrounding me, which will allow me to stay closer to me. I do have a very close friend on this tour, yet I will be in a different area, so it's all good.

I see this working to help in many areas. One, being with my reflexology business. I see that I will be able to put more time in this. I see that my aversions to early morning will be 'fixed' due to being able to 'sleep in (like 9 am)'. I see that I will be more restored, thus, helping my whole being, life, becoming more congruently aligned.

Life is truly good!

OH and as for my fast, it will start again, tomorrow or Tuesday. I am making a plan of how I want this to work itself out. It will not be one specific fast. It will be with a little alterations that will work for me and achieve the desired goal of a fast. No food eaten, herbs will be consumed, along with the OJ drink.

Life is truly good!

Love, Light and Peace,


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