Day 3 and 4 by lalachka .....

Day 3-4, not much weight loss, but it's going easier than I expected

Date:   12/20/2007 11:05:36 AM ( 16 y ago)

today is my 4rth day

yesterday was a hard day for me. my office had a Christmas Dinner at a very nice restaurant. I went and i don't know how i just sat there with all them eating all that good food and didn't break my fast. I gave in a little and had chicken broth, no solid food in it, but still, i wasn't planning on doing that either

Weight 183

Todfay is supposed to be the start of the easy days

i'm OK so far, Still weigh 183, nothing changed from yesterday

I'm on methadone and i also have hepatitis C. Anyone knows if these 2 things matter when fasting? Meaning, is it OK to fast while on methadone and with Hep C?

Not much to say, regular day, i'm at work

would love to see more progress with my weight, but i realize that some days there will be none

also, it's all the sugar that I still get with my coffee and calories from Snapple

from fasting the last time, I remember that day 4-5 was very good, I felt more energy, felt good knowing that I haven't messed up, that the weight is coming off

Pure positive emotions

so i'm really looking forward to tomorrow


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