New mite theory, and started my parasite cleanse! by Trysten3000 .....

Looking into demodex mites as a factor in my acne, and starting an internal parasite cleanse.

Date:   11/19/2007 11:36:33 AM ( 16 y ago)

Im taking a different approach now. Ive become suspicious that demodex mites may be a part of this horrible puzzle. So Ive been doing Glaxony's cold cream therapy every day for about a week now. My skin is HORRIBLE. I mean, bad. I can barely open my mouth, its so sad. :( But-it does give me hope, because the reaction Im having to the cold cream is exactly what glaxony was saying would happen while the mites are dying off.

My face hurts, but I want to keep pushing forward. Im debating trying the chinese creams for demodex as well, they are just so expensive. So Im probably going to do the cold cream for at least 3 weeks and then see if I want to try them. Id have to dig into my savings, thats how expensive they are. All demodex stuff seems to be that expensive, it sucks.

Anyways, I started my new parasite cleanse yesterday. Ill report more on that later. This is just a mini update on my progress. Im in pain and so depressed and my skin has reached a whole new level of bad {it was just your average crappy acne before, now its at a level where people have actually began pointing it out to me-as if I didnt know-and asking stuff like "wow...are you ok?" and then making this "I feel so sorry for your" face at me-ugh!}, but I dont want to give up yet. I feel like there HAS to be a cause for this suffering. So Im turning my attention to parasites once again.

I dont want to give up on my health but its just so hard. :\


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