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Water fastingt to let go of recently acquired and stress-related *over*eating habits.

Date:   11/2/2007 6:29:41 PM ( 14 y ago)

I am so excited. Apartment to myself for a week! I love my roommate dearly, but I have been a raw vegan for a few months now, and the combination of late nights, too much stress, wierd hours, and a pantry full of processed treats like peanut butter and such has gotten the worst of me. I've started this horrible cycle of late night eating in hopes of having energy, but then I sugar crash and my digestive system gets too tired and I sleep without working any of it off. I wake up "needing" more sugar, and it's become a horrible horrible cycle that needs to stop! I'm beginning to collect fat where it has never been before because of unused sugars, and this makes me upset, notbecause of the way it looks (no one else would notice but me) but because I know it is a sign of leading an unbalanced lifestyle. I just had three apples, too much peanut butter, 1 1/2 bananas, some lettuce, and salsa. It doesn't sound bad, I know, but it is not what my body NEEDS. I need to pay attention to what my real body desires and what my false body is feeding off of, and I believe the way to do this is by water fasting (juice fasting wouldn't help my sugar dependencies). This last "meal" was certainly my last for at least three days, until I can gain some equilibrium back into my life (and in my colon, haha).

I am so glad I found this community online--what a wonderful support system of knowledge and sharing!

I'm hoping with this blog that I not only help myself, but maybe help others? I'd love some feedback or encouragement as I go through with this. I've never done more than 30 hours of water fasting. I've done the 10day MC a few times. If you are someone wanting to clean yourself of old processed junk in your body before committing to be raw, or want to stop late-night eating, let me know, and we can maybe help each other out.

In health,


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