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Some bathroom results unexpectedly tonight; is olive leaf anti parasite?

Date:   10/20/2007 2:13:46 AM ( 15 y ago)

Is olive leaf anti parasite as well as anti infection and anti candida?

Here is what just happened. Major die off symptoms {some very weird, see my post about my tear ducts in the parasite forum} all day today. I had a sudden bloated stomach just now, had to run to the bathroom, and had a very sudden bowel movement. *this gets gross* as it was happening I realized something didnt feel right, I looked down and see this long, thin, wormlike thing hanging out of me. It looked like a long skinny BM "string" it wasnt white or anything, but kinda "bouncy" if that makes sense. It did not look like normal bowel movement at all, but it did have fecal matter on it so I couldnt tell if it was a worm or not. The smell was horrible! Not that anyone going to the bathroom ever smells lovely but Im a vegetarian and 80+% percent of my diet is raw fruits and veggies and I never noticed a bad smell like this before. So this must have either been a worm or mucoid plaque of some type, although it wasnt all black like in the pictures, it was more a medium brown.

Whatever it was, I could literally feel its negative energy leave my body. I had a noticable lift and noticed that my eyes were quite bright a few minutes after releasing it!

Whatever it was I know by the nasty smell it didnt belong in me, and for this to happen after only three days on Olive Leaf, I have to say, I give it an A+ !!!

Im going to try and stay at the dose Im at despite the die off. Die off is a good thing I know I just have a lot of expensive things going on right now and cant afford to get so sick I start missing work.

More results to come.


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