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looking forward to a little cleansing

Date:   10/8/2007 12:14:21 PM ( 16 y ago)

I have missed juicing. I am amazed that since I ended my last juice fast I have really missed how good I was feeling while juicing and that even when I ate completely raw I still couldn't get that same feeling. I can really see how good it is for you now and my body literally craves it! I leave for my cruise soon so I am getting a 5 day fast in just before to clean out and refresh. This will help me make healthier choices also while on the cruise. I want to enjoy it and feel vibrant - not all run down by over filling on bad foods as many people do while on a cruise. My body has changed so much over the last 2 years and I really feel the difference if I put an unhealthy food in my body. I don't sleep well, I feel dehydrated, etc. I am excited to start juicing today! :)


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