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Date:   10/6/2007 7:28:54 PM ( 16 y ago)

This morning I went to the Detroit Zoo, which is actually in Royal Oak :D, to help with the Gilda Radner's Comedy Walk. A friend was there and asked if I wanted to walk, when I was done. She said she would pay the registration fee. It was a gorgeous sunny, warm (to some, hot) day. I said sure. After I finished with the job I was volunteering with, I went into the zoo to walk. Before we walked, there was different activities going on and we hung there for a little while. I put in for an opportunity to purchase Detroit Red Wing tickets for $10 each. By doing this I got a Detroit Red Wing Alumni Assocation souvenir program. It had the lineup of the team. This had Mike Krushelnyski's autograph in it. Now the cool part of this is...I do not watch hockey, well any sports for that matter! Yet, I met this man and have his autograph...:D! I told them I do not watch it and would be giving this to my sister who is a sports nut. I shook the man's hand, which was pretty cool, just meeting someone like that.

After checking things out, we walked through the zoo. I had not been there in Years. It was an enjoyable time. Then, my friend and I went to lunch and chatted for a while. I was going to go home and just chill, maybe take a nap. As I was driving home, I called friend and asked if she wanted to go to a Healthpalooza at a Massage School. She had said no and I thought I didn't want to go alone. Well, in the flow of things, I decided to stop there. It was very cool, listening to my Self. I saw a few people I had not seen in a while. Two of which, helped with some healing today. One did some actual physical energy healing and my foot, which has been bothering me for a few weeks now, is better!!! Woohoo!

Both of these friends helped me through something I had been trying to find an answer to, for the past couple, few days.

I told them I was not going to stop, and apparently the reason I did was to see them. It was truly a Synchronistic kind of day!

I have felt much better since Wednesday evening. I seem to be placing the pieces in the puzzle much more accurately. Listening to God and Self is helping me to "shine" all the more. :D Very cool!

Love, Light and Peace (to all of you, and those of you who need this, in this time!)


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