Sod the cats, I'm getting better by sunshine p .....

Re-inroducing foods slowly but surely. I have put on 3.5kg in 1 week (7.7 lbs), my lower back hurts much less.

Date:   10/5/2007 11:13:17 AM ( 14 y ago)

Cats are doing really well. They are even happier and content than before the change of diet. Their reflex’s are ultra fast now, although the stream of dead birds has slowed down now, i guess we have less dumb birds and more smart birds in our garden?

The cats like slightly different food, with one preferring liver, the other preferring beef and chicken, but one things for sure they both absolutely love the raw meat diet. Don’t forget when I started all this I said that I thought there was nothing wrong with the cats in the first place, but we can see how lively they are now compared to before.

Anyway, if I tell the truth, sod the cats, I care most about ME, and I’m healing fast now. This year has been a total health nightmare, with nothing seeming to make a significant difference…until now. Now that this toxin has been removed I feel GREAT! I have put on 3.5kg in 1 week (7.7 lbs), my lower back hurts much less and I can look forward to re-starting exercising again, hopefully in 2-4 weeks time, I have been unable to do any physical exercise for 1.5 years.

I am still going slowly slowly on re-introducing foods. So far NO reactions except deep joy!

This morning I ate one slice of whole grain brown toast with lashings of melted butter……ummmmm, steaming hot. Its been 8 months since I had any and god it tasted great;-)

Yesterday I ate one banana. Its been 4 months since I had a banana.


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