Day #6 100% Raw Vegan! by The Wanted .....

I'm getting more and more cheered up as I collect more days without cheating

Date:   9/25/2007 3:27:28 PM ( 15 y ago)

... and that is saying a lot especially considering the, what for me, has been very depressing weather the past couple of days (cold, wet, snowing, foggy, muddy).

Just now the snow is melting off. I'm hoping it will dry up enough in the next couple of days that by Thursday I can go foraging for dandelion weeds again. Will they have survived the snow? I think so -- and hope so! Luckily I had quite a bit of the dandelion greens stored up in the frig before the surprise weather and have been able to have the greens every day and still have enough for at least one more day before I run out. If the dandelions are killed by the cold and snow I'll just have to switch to celery, as there are no organic greens in this town unless one is up for paying a dollar an ounce. I'm spending generously on food, but that is a bit TOO generous...!

Am watching a delightful show I discovered on BBC America called "You Are What You Eat" where this lady Gillian (I think that's her name) puts individuals with very poor eating habits on healthy vegetarian (maybe even vegan) diet and gets them to exercise as well for 8 weeks. It's just wonderful. She doesn't seem to know about the raw foods, but just going wholesome and vegan with the food is WONDERFUL...!

Got to go watch it some more. Until later!


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