I wanna loose the excess weight too... by christiangirl .....

Date:   8/28/2007 4:23:44 AM ( 16 y ago)

Hi there...just read that you are starting your Juice Fast...want to wish you the very best...You can do it girl...way to go...I am 196 lbs andneed to get down to 140 ( my daughter is getting married the 7th Dec 2007...and i so want to look good for me but also for her...) so I went back to WW 3 weeks ago but find it an awful struggle....my husband has cancer of the bladder that has spread to the pelvic bones and was given 2 years to live last year 2006...and my colestrol is 7.4 I am out of control...I resort to food when in crises...thats for sure...but I have to believe there is a natural ( I know it wont be easy...my youngest born daughter is 17 yrs and I have been this long trying to loose the weight...I have an adopted baby of 4 yrs also...actually we have 7 kids and 3 of them odopted)...so I would love to know more about the juise diet...I juise for my husband as its good for him to have carrot juise etc...



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