Blog: journal of my 30 day juice fast
by ausjulie

more on my lessons learnt

my lessons that i need to remind myself about all the time as i move into the post...! ha!

Date:   5/16/2006 11:10:23 PM   ( 17 y ) ... viewed 3101 times

i posted a few days ago (or was that weeks) about lessons learnt but did not have the time to expand. this is an important step for me becasue i am in full swing of trying to maintain the weight ive lost, continue the exercise but still enjoy my life and find the balance. so here i go:
1. i have really learnt from the juice fast and subsequent fasting and raw food eating that i do not need near as much food as i thought. i dont even think i need as much variety as what i thought. i think maybe my stomach has shrunken or maybe im just so much more aware of what i am putting in my mouth i just cannot and do not want to consume the amount of food i use to eat. i rarely eat three meals a day. generally only one maybe two adn i am quite satisfied. i also dont feel the need to finish my plate and am happy to leave food uneaten. i am tryign to learn to live with less consume less.
2. exercise has been one of the best things i have come to have in my daily routine. without the running i have done im sure i would not have lost the weight so fast. i also feel stronger more powerful. there are days when i dont want to do anything but i always feel better after i do and find even on days i have decided to take it easy i am looking to do something active. i move more. and it is great. it has also beign good for my soul my spirit and my general outlook on life. i notice more stuff i can do more stuff im just livign more becaseu im active. i also find myself planning when and where i will exerices with some excitment (eg cant wait to run around a lake when i go home this summer really looking forward to it)
3. i truly belive the more good stuff you eat teh more you want to eat. dpr in her raw odyssey really enlighten me more about this as she has commented how her cravigns have gone becuase she is not eatign certain foods anymore. i use to drink diet coke with a passion and chew gum all day. not anymore now i snack on carrots and look for fresh strawberries. i dont want chips fatty snack food. i have only indulged in starchy carbs twice since fasting and both times the next day i have had a really hard time dealing with craving more of it. this was with white rice in sushi and a fresh white bread roll.
4. that being said i still think it is important to indulge in cravings. i really wanted that sushi and white roll. i worked hard for it and i worked hard the next day so it wouldnt result in weigth gain or going back to that life. it can be done. i just have to realise the more i eat of that stuff the more i want. however if i dont ever eat it again im not sure i could look at this as a life time cahnge. so i will indulge once a week if that is what i want. my indulges have changed considerably though im really conscious of what it is i want to eat and i make a choice. most of the time it is quite healthy food. my latest is steamed pumpkin. can you believe it i crave steamed pumpkin. ha!
5. hunger is really just a feeling and most of the time it will pass. i am so fortunate that i will never have to worry about where my next meal is going to come from so true hunger is not an issue. i hear people say they dont want to be hungry and i have said this too. but i think it is ok to be a little hungry. to me it is just the opposite feelign of overeating. but overeating was so much more painful in the long run. so i fast for a few days a week and yes i do have bouts of hunger but i know in the next day or two i will have loads of fresh fruit and veggies so no need to worry.
6. water is a great cure for teh above mentioned (which makes me think that i have possible never being truly hungry) water water water. what can i say. i have learnt and i am much better especially on days i fast. it can get me thru a moment, and hour a day a night probably a lot longer. and i know now what true hydration feels like. no headaches no licking of the lips and just clearer. better skin. it really is a magic thing.
7. i have posted a bit about BMS especially in my fast journal. i cannot believe i have gone this long in my life and not had regular BM's. i thought i was fine never constipated but i never had near enough. now if i dont have 3 a day im wondering what ive done wrong. this is naturlaly occuring on raw days. i have seen that stuff come out of me and i know there is more (future fast will be all about this) and there is no way i am allowign more to accumulate in me anymore. i am still shocked at how long it takes to pass cooked food when ever i eat cooked meals. wont go into graphic details but it can come out of me up to 3-4 days later. that cant be good. if i eat the way i know i am suppose to i will stay clean.
8. goals are so important. and beign realistic adn changign them as my situation changes is also important. not givnign up on them is really important. aheiving themis inspiring and makes me want to soar higher. i set small goals when i juiced and felt great each time i knocked one of them off. the goal of going 30 days was fantastic sense of accomplishment. i am close to my goal of 60 pounds and feel so proud. my goal of life long change is going to be harder but im determined to keep it. i am finding now i need to set new goals as my weight loss, eating and exercise is undercontrol. time to look at what else i want to achieve in my life. because it can be done.
9. juice fastign is a tool that i can use to help me achieve goals. it is the best tool i have learnt in self control. i am in control i determine what i will and wont eat. juicign gave me results when i needed them that allowed me to stay the course and stick with it. i will definately keep fastign as part of my life. i fast anywhere from 1-4 days each week. this will be with me forever. i will aslo use this tool to clean out teh rest of my colon and other organs. future fast will be all about healign my body and not wieght loss. i look forward to it. i will also use fastign if i ever have a major task i need done or a big decision to make. the clarity it outstanding. i just felt so in touch with me and removed from all the shit life throws at you. all the stupid messages and lessons we have beign taught.
10. this journey has ended up beign the best thing i have ever done for myself in my whole life. i wanted to lsoe weight at the start becasue i really felt like i didnt fit in. i also wanted to look better for my husband. fit in with my friends - i was always the biggest person in our group. i remember wanting to make the family photo look better. well all those things have improved but i ahve being suprised at how little anyone i know or love cares about what i look like. i thought it would all magically be better when i was thinner. but i realised they all loved me for who i was and not what i looked like. my weight loss has not effected anyones opinions of me (well maybe strangers - but who cares about them anyway!) they loved me before they love me now. what it has changed is my opinion of me. and the self esteem i feel. it is not only about looking better - which is really important. it is also about me looking after me, takign the time to do what i wanted, feeling important enought that it was ok to do this, giving myself a gift (as dazzle always told me). and settign and acheiving goals. dotn get me wrong many of my relationships have improved but not becasue of other people changing their ways but me changing mine. im more postive more happy more active just more me!

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