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September 24, 1991
Dear Servants of Our Lady of the Roses, and Veronica Lueken,
In June of this year '91 I became ill with a throat, bronchial and lung infection. I have a previous history of tuberculosis since 1943 and was afraid that my healed scar tissue broke down and my T.B. had returned.
I prayed to Our Lady and touched my throat and lungs with the blessed rose petal that She would prevent my T.B. from returning. All my tests came back negative (no T.B.) and I thank Our Lady for granting me that wish and protecting me.
Thank you.

from McKeesport, Pennsylvania


October 23, 1991
This incident happened almost a year ago. I hesitated to tell anyone because most people are so skeptical and I was afraid I wouldn't be believed. But God has kept a soft, constant reminder in the front of my mind, insisting I write and tell you what happened at the Grotto.
I was visiting the Grotto of Our Lady of Fatima in Brookfield, Ct in an attempt to "link up" with the souls in Islip, Long Island, N.Y. who were praying to the controversial LADY OF THE ROSES, an apparition not yet sanctioned by the Church. I promised to Her I would stay one hour.
Concentration is not long lasting in my life these days. After one-half hour I was anxious to leave; to get on with my crammed-full work schedule. It took all my will to push time and demands from my conscious self and give full attention to OUR LADY. The hour was almost up. Ten minutes. . . five. . . one. I stood to leave, feeling both happy and sad, unsure that my "link-up" had worked. Did She know I was even there? Did She care? Did She and Jesus think bad of me for not making the trip to Long Island?
My answer came as I cautiously maneuvering the stone path made slippery by the misty day. A faint smell of roses waifed in the air. Soft, delicate. Like no smell on earth. My skeptical mind told me I was mistaken, that I was imposing my 'want to' into this experience. I looked around the Grotto, knowing the rose season had already passed, but wanting to confirm there were no roses there anyway. The smell came at me from the left of the Shrine. No roses in sight; not any flowers! Just shrubs. Beyond it a wooded area. No roses there. There were houses across the street. I drove up and down slowly in the direction from which the aroma came. Then the other way. NO ROSES.
I guess she knew.

from Bethel, Connecticut


1st November, 1991.
Dear Veronica,
I hope you are fine with all workers there in Bayside and your family.
I received the parcel in August containing messages, 2 Brown Scapulars, 2 Rosaries, 2 Rose Petals and some other material for prayers.
Am really very happy for sending me these things. I even wrote to you to pray for my husband who did not go [to] church. To tell you Veronica! he started going to church suddenly. He got interested in the messages, he can now take a bible and read it, explain and ask questions. And he wears the Brown Scapular which you sent us. The thing which I never thought of it before, that he can do it, THANK YOU VERONICA AND ALL THE WORKERS, FOR YOUR WONDERFUL PRAYERS. Please pass my Message to OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST AND OUR LADY for answering my prayers which I asked for. And they can please bless my family.
Please put me on mail list. Am very interested in receiving messages as you know we are very far from your country. So we don't hear many things which are happening. Even people here they don't know what is going to happen in [the] future. Many churches here are confusing us. As you know Africa is where people have dumped their churches, as we are still new to Christianity. People just follow anything which comes across. You will find that a person is a Catholic, tomorrow changes to other church. Please continue sending us some messages, so that we can hear more.
I know [I] am bothering you too much, please bear with me. The reason is I want to learn and know more about church. . . . Greetings to you, your family and all workers there.
Yours faithfully,

from Lusaka, Zambia


23 Nov. 91
Please send me the Brown Scapular that Our Lady of Mt. Carmel requests us to wear for our eternal protection. I hope it is blessed for immediate use.
Thank you for your program as I believe it helps many people to find their way back from perdition.
Please send it to the above address. Thank you.

from El Paso, Texas


29th Nov. 1991
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am very thankful to ye for sending me the nice rose petal blessed by Jesus and Mary. I will mind it for the rest of my life. I used it right away after getting it putting it on both my eyes and sore wrist [am] minding it very careful and held it in my hand after getting it for some time and a lovely feeling of happiness came over me it is wonderful and I also wish to thank ye for sending me the lovely Booklet and Leaflets, chain and Crucifixes.
When ye get time I would be very thankful to ye if ye please send me more free information additional copies and calendar of upcoming Vigils including a map (I got a map of Flushing Meadows).
Would ye send me the cutting of the "New York Times" about the Doomsday Rock or a Leaflet telling all about it. I would not mind reading about disasters, etc. because my dead uncles R.I.P. told me about an old man telling them about all the earthquakes etc. etc. and God's way of punishing the whole world. The more one would know the better so as to be prepared. I am a good Catholic love praying etc.
I am looking forward to hearing from ye. Again many thanks and keep up the good work.
God bless all,

from Kilkenny City, Ireland


December 4, 1991
Dear Veronica,
Thank you for the message last week. I have really hungered for news from Our Mother--I shall always believe She is there at Bayside because She saved my faith in the Catholic Church. . . .
There are so many graces from our dear Lord and Lady we have received throughout all the years, especially these last seven--so many times we have had handed to us just what we needed at the moment and I can see faith growing and a kind of spiritual toughness. It has been a very hard trial, this one. We have had other trials lasting for periods of time, we have had them overlap each other. With seven children in the world as it is, it has been "a good fight." But we have had "graces" galore too. Finding our home, having every need cared for by "sales" and gifts and especially, when we couldn't understand what was happening in the Church, finding Bayside. We were so heartbroken, Jesus gave us Bayside way back in 1969-1970. What a comfort the messages have been all these years.--I could go on and on--but I just ask you to put this under Our Lady's feet on Dec. 8 and Christmas.
Thank you,

from Arvada, Colorado


December 6, 1991
Dear Friends of Mary,
Some time ago you sent me a medal of Our Lady of the Roses. Well let me tell you the wonders it has worked for me. My son Sean who is married with 4 children and his wife have not been to Mass in 4 years. Well one Friday I was looking after the children as my son and his wife had gone shopping so my granddaughter who is 7 years old said to me, "Nannie will you ask Mum & Dad to let us go to Mass on Sundays?" I said no as I am just fed up asking them to go to Mass and they will not go so I gave the child the medal and pinned it to her blouse and told her to say a Hail Mary night and morning that Mary would help her and her big brother of 9 years old to go to Sunday Mass.
I got a big surprise on Sunday morning to see my two eldest grandchildren in the church at Mass. Thank God so I said the next Friday to my granddaughter when you are going to Mass on Sunday ask your Mum and Dad would they like to go with you to Mass. Did I not get the surprise of my life when I seen my son at Mass with 3 of my grandchildren that Sunday. I need not tell you I cried in the church and I am still thanking Our Lady of the Roses after 4 years away from Mass She has brought my son and 3 of his children back and with Her help She will bring my daughter-in-law back as well.
Here is another miracle Our Lady of the Roses has worked for me since you sent me the medal. Since my husband got sick 3 years ago I have been very short of money. I had a letter from you saying you were placing my letter to Our Lady of the Roses on the spot where She appears on the 20 November. Well on the night of the 25/11/91 (November 25) 2 men from England called to my house to tell me that a cousin of my late father died in England leaving money to me and my sisters and brothers. I will get it in the New Year.
Praise God and I won't forget Our Lady of the Roses. Thank you all very much and thank Our Lady for me. If you can send me some medals for my grandchildren I will be very grateful. God bless you all.
A Happy & Holy Christmas and Peace to all.

Please put all my children & grandchildren under Our Lady of the Roses' protection.

from County Westmeath, Ireland


December 6, 1991
Dear Our Lady of the Roses Shrine,
My name is E.M. and I live in Sullivan's Island, SC. I have been a staunch Baptist for all of my thirty-three years, but the recent directions my church was taking have forced me to quit. They absolutely refuse to realize that the real world applies to their religion. Like many churches they ignore all the signs and portents of the Antichrist at work in the world around them. They have been lulled into a false sense of security. They pooh-pooh sightings of UFOs. They say that child molesters are just confused people. They say that the Russians are now our friends. They can't see that these are all tools and devices of the Lord of Lies to make us complacent. He wants to pollute and befoul the Earth in order to thwart the Second Coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
When I look around I feel terrified by the immensity of the plans of the Evil One, and how much he has succeeded in corrupting us, and murdering our children. I feel alone and helpless. I recently heard that the Mother of our Lord was using the spirit of Veronica Lueken to deliver Her Divine Message to those of the Faithful still here on Earth.
Knowing that there were others like me gave me strength of soul and peace of heart. Please, I would like to hear from you so that I may help spread the Word of God where I am. Could you send me information on yourselves and any literature about your Work so that I could understand your message and help you, if I can.
Yours in Christ,

from Sullivan's Island, South Carolina


December 7, 1991
Dear Veronica,
Just wanted to let you know of a miracle we received from Our Lady of the Roses.
My son, James, now 30 was addicted to cocaine. He has a wife and two children. He was in rehab twice. The second time he said he was praying and he felt a power and peace come over him. After that the cure wasn't quite complete so I gave him a rose petal and a St. Benedict medal. It's been a bit over one year now and he is just fine. The family has started going back to church and his daughter will receive first Holy Communion in the spring.
We are, to say the least, joyous and we thank God & Our Lady and all the saints for this miracle.

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