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Personal Testimonies 42-51


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Personal Testimonies #42 - 51

Dear Veronica,
My husband has been suffering from poor circulation in his legs for a long period of time. In recent months, he injured his leg and it became infected. His doctor referred him to a surgeon. He put him on antibiotics and treatments, but the leg just would not heal.
In the meantime, I had sent away for a blessed Rose Petal from Our Lady of the Roses Shrine. I had my husband put the Petal on top of the dressing, the doctor had ordered him to do everyday. The doctor was amazed that suddenly his leg was healing. He told my husband that a wound of that nature would take much longer to heal than the three months that it had.
One day in the office visit, the Rose Petal fell from the bandage my husband was wearing. The doctor asked him what it was, and he explained that it was a blessed Rose Petal from Our Lady of the Roses Shrine. The doctor was amazed, and he also agreed that my husband had received a miraculous healing. In fact, the doctor said that if the large wound had not healed sooner, he was contemplating surgery to remove the leg. He also agreed that there was more than medical attention for this healing. Of course, we all agree that this healing was related to Our Lady of the Roses--the Rose Petal from Bayside.
from New York

To Our Lady of the Roses:
I made a solemn promise to Jesus and the Blessed Mother to write this testimony in recognition of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers. Thank you, Veronica, for being our voice box from Heaven through Jesus and Our Lady. You have made such an impact on my life, that I hardly know where to begin.
Since I first heard of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, you would say, I was converted in my heart. I only heard of Bayside three years ago. I have been a Catholic all of my 58 years of life, and I am overwhelmed by Bayside, because this has brought deep and profound meaning to my life that I did not have before. I had not attended Church for over ten years, and I feel Our Lady of the Roses has rescued me from further pitfalls.
My introduction to Our Lady of the Roses was through a cable station here in San Diego, California where I live. The conversion in my heart came when my Rosary was the first thought of the day, and while saying it, I felt as though I was surrounded--so to speak--an aura of pulling, as it were, closer to Jesus and Mary, the angels and the saints.
I say my prayers differently now, with the end times more evident--a conversion of heart. I see the need for all of us to turn to Mother Mary and Jesus. It’s as though Heaven tapped me on the shoulder and I woke up to you dear Jesus and Our Blessed Lady.
The second phenomenon was for me--the cure of my right arm. I was experiencing pain day and night. I was beginning to feel useless around the house, because I was used to good health all my life. I have never really taken it for granted though. I started praying to Our Blessed Mother, applying the Rose Petal that I purchased through the mail to my elbow. I did this for about a week. Within a week, the pain and use of my arm and elbow was made new. I was so thankful. In appreciation to Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers, I wanted to share this testimonial with everyone, believer or non-believer.
Most devastating to me--I did not realize it at the time--I was in a depression over the loss of my mother. She was my friend, my confidant, and oh how I missed her. Thank you Jesus and Mary for sustaining me.
Writing this has given me the chance to thank you both publicly. I wish to also to thank all of Our Lady’s workers who daily make sacrifices, who have so graciously sent me all information regarding Our Lady’s messages and directives from Heaven. You are all so important to us. God bless you all.
from California

# 617
A testimony:
My 20-year-old granddaughter Rosa was living in Italy. She started using narcotics at 17 years of age and landed in juvenile detention. For two years, she could not have any visitors. On May 16, 1994, because of our prayers and a lot of doing, my daughter and I were finally able to see her and the place she stayed--and we owe it all to our many prayers. She wasn’t getting any physical or spiritual treatment there, because they only use the patients as free labor.
On August 20, 1994, she came back home. For many years, since her First Communion, she hasn’t been to Church or received Holy Communion. Even on Christmas Eve, she rejected all our customs. On Christmas day, she went with her mother to Confession and received her Holy Communion. I didn’t know what caused this sudden change.
After I received a letter from you, I know that the cause was my petition placed by you to the Blessed Mother on Christmas Eve of 1994. Thank you from the bottom of my heart in the Most Holy Mother and Jesus.
from Poland

My dear Veronica,
Thank you for a letter filled with good information. This is just like a priest preaching from the pulpit. I made copies of it for distribution and even gave it to our young priest. He thanked me and said it will come in handy in the future. The miraculous photographs are something else. For us it is a real lesson about faith. When you look at them long enough, you feel Our Lady’s presence.
I gave the Rose Petals to the sick people. One of them is Mr. Stanislaus--he is 80 years old: "Thank you for the Rose Petal that you gave to me. My leg, above the ankle, had a hole all the way to the bone and was hurting. The bone was infected and had a bad odor. In the hospital, doctors told me that my leg had to be amputated. I agreed to that, but it was Christmas time of 1994, and I wanted to go home and spend the holidays with my family. I promised that I would return right after Christmas.
"When I was home, my wife kept applying the Rose Petal to the hole in my leg. I also applied ordinary Vaseline. We begged Our Lady of the Roses for help and prayed the Rosary from Bayside blessed by Jesus and Mary.
"A real miracle happened. The hole in my leg began to close and became white. I didn’t report back to the hospital as I had promised, and they sent me a message that they expected to see me--so I went. They examined my leg and asked me what I did. I showed them the Rose Petal and the blessed Rosary. One of the older doctors said, ‘Yes, this is truly a miracle.’
"This is the will of God that I became a true believer, because my faith was weak. I saved my soul and I was sorry for the sins I committed in my youth. Now I pray the Rosary thanking Our Lady of the Roses for curing my leg. I go to Church regularly now. Thank you for all your help. You are a mediatrix of Our Lady."
Mrs. Jackos from Poland
PS As a 15-year-old girl, Mrs. Jackos spent many years in a concentration camp in Germany during the last war.

Dear Bayside Shrine Workers,
A tornado passed through our town of Westlake, Louisiana early in the morning of January 13, 1995. No damage came to our house, but two trees fell down in my mother’s front yard. The electric light utility pole on my mother’s house broke during the storm, and a neighbor said he saw a big flash of fire spread right across the utility pole on to the top of my mother’s roof, but no damage came. The fire vanished almost immediately. My trailer was rocking with the wind, so was my grandmother’s trailer house, too, but no damage to either one of them. An electric fire also flashed over my grandmother’s trailer on the roof, but no damage.
My mother, my grandmother, and my sister--we all have blessed wooden crucifixes on the outside doors of our houses. We also have the blessed Rose Petals, the holy statues of Our Lady, and the Green Scapulars in our homes. We all give thanks to Our Lady of the Roses for sparing us any damages on our homes. Also, our Bayside group gets out the Bayside directives and the messages of Bayside in our area. We believe this work has spared our area from much disaster in the past of floods, tornadoes and storms.
from Louisiana

Dear Veronica,
I’m writing a letter that I should have written six years ago. In 1988, I was pregnant at 33-years-old. I was a risk as a Downs syndrome baby. I was sent to the hospital by my doctor, with blood work and other tests. This is the report I received. I was three months along and was told the baby would probably not be normal. I was listed on high risk, and I was told to go for genetic counseling.
They wanted to consider an amniocentesis, which puts a needle into your stomach to take some fluid from the sac and tests it. At that point, I asked if anything could be done to my baby. They said no, but I have the option to abort. I could never do that. My doctor does not believe in abortion either, but with the record I had, I had to write a letter to say that I was aware of the findings and the risk. I did. I also included in the letter that I would trust in God.
When I came home from the hospital, I taped a Rose Petal to my stomach, where it stayed, and for the remaining six months--this was August 8, 1988--I prayed to the Blessed Mother and received Communion everyday I could. I asked Our Heavenly Mother to please let my baby be healthy and may be a girl. I had a bad pregnancy--I almost lost the baby. I had to have some growth removed twice and hospitalized for two days, so I would not lose the baby. I lost 26 pounds in eight months, and I couldn’t keep anything down.
I was due February 8, and on February 17, they induced labor. It was hard and long--almost went to c-section. On February 18, I gave birth to a healthy, normal baby girl, 8 lb. 3 ounces. I thank the Blessed Mother for all of the blessings I have received. On the way home from the hospital, I stopped to church, and laid in front of the Blessed Lady’s statue, a Rose Petal in thanks to Our Blessed Mother.
This was not the first time a Rose Petal has saved me. When I was 19 years old, I was told I had a lump on my left breast. I was sent to two doctors for a mammogram. When the tests came back, they couldn’t find nothing, and all the doctors checked again, and the lump had completely gone. Thank you dear Blessed Mother.
from Florida

To Our Lady of the Roses:
My father was critically ill for six months. He was in and out of intensive care for at least six times. He had a history of heart problems since he was 36 years old. Eleven years ago, he had a triple bypass and an aneurysm. This year, he went into congestive heart failure. At that point, he weighed approximately 220 pounds. His health was critical.
After his quadruple bypass this year, the doctors gave him six months to live. He is 62 years old. His body began rejecting all medicine. He lost weight--down to 143 pounds. He was not able to even to hold water in his stomach. They told us our only hope was a heart transplant.
I prayed one night over my father and asked Jesus to please give him a miracle, and if he couldn’t, to please help him to carry his heavy cross. I wrote a letter to Our Lady of the Roses, for the Vigil of June 18. I found a Rose Petal and placed it under his pillow.
From that day on, my father has held all his food down, he is now 163 pounds, he is grouchy like he used to be, and he even swam three laps across the pool two weeks ago. He is going shopping and to the beach. I believe my father is the receiver of a miracle. I talked with a nurse, who followed the case from beginning to the end and she said, "I hope you know your father has received a miracle."
from Florida

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