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Dear Veronica,
It has been almost six years now since I’ve been making the Vigils at Bayside. I have truly been graced in so many ways since going to the Vigils. I go once a month--at least--from here. I could say also I have been cured from frequent head-chest colds, also sore throats, and I’ve had tuberculosis almost all my life. I’ve had one cold after another, and they almost turned into pneumonia. It has been two years now since I’ve had any of these problems; and this summer, I was able to walk in the rain, which I could never do before, with having tuberculosis, as my resistance was low. I want to thank Our Lady and Jesus for this wonderful cure. I thank them with all my heart for this cure and all other graces which they have given me. I thank them. I know I am most unworthy.
from Maryland

Dear Ann Ferguson,
I along with my mother attended the June Vigil. We first heard of Our Lady’s visits to Bayside about three years ago by listening to These Last Days radio program. I was very skeptical, at first, to the authenticity of the apparition, but continued to listen to the program each week. Gradually, the messages began to make more and more sense to me, as I became more aware of the corruption so obvious in the world, but which was not so obvious to me in the Church.
Since first coming to Our Lady of the Roses Shrine, this astounding apparition has done wonders for us. It has made us much more aware of the beauty of the Catholic faith and the importance of living a traditional Catholic--daily going to Mass and Communion as often as possible, and to Confession monthly, and living the requests of Our Lady to the best of our ability.
Our Blessed Mother has blessed both my mother and myself in the most marvelous way. Approximately two weeks after attending the June 18 Vigil, I noticed the chain on my rosary beads changed color. The following week, the links changed completely to gold color. The very same thing happened to my mother’s rosary. As if that wasn’t enough, the plastic backing on my scapular changed from white to blue. While attending the Vigil, I was also graced by Our Lady of taking a miraculous picture.
We did not deserve any of this and never expected anything like this. Needless to say, it will make me work more harder to spread the messages of Our Lady.
from Rhode Island

Dear Ann,
Back in March, I wrote a letter to you, asking Veronica to pray for my husband Marion, that he might be healed of cancer. We had just been told that he had cancer of the prostrate very, very widespread. The doctor did surgery, and said that chemotherapy would be available, and told me that we should get our business in order right away--that this was very, very serious.
But in April, all of his blood tests began to improve, and has continued to do so until now they are within normal range. My husband is being seen regularly by our doctor plus two urologists, who did the surgery, plus an oncologist. These doctors are saying things like, "drastic improvement, very dramatic recovery, amazing, etc."
My husband feels really good, better than he has for several years, and we know he has been healed, and we wish to let you know about this, so that thanks and praise may be given to God and Our Blessed Mother. I wrote to Pope John Paul II and also to Cardinal Ratzinger, telling that we believe my husband has been healed through the blessing of Jesus and Mary at Bayside. Thank you so much for your prayers, Ann Please thank Veronica and everyone who prayed for my husband.
from Iowa

To Our Lady of the Roses:
This is to testify to you a miracle from a sick friend to whom I gave the Rose Petal of Our Lady of the Roses. He has recovered by a miracle from Our Lady. This sick friend was supposed to undergo a heart operation, but could not afford the expenses, so we prayed to Our Lady of the Roses to help him get well. He placed the Rose Petal over his heart for days. Upon examination by the doctor, his medicines were reduced, and he was told he does not need to be operated on. He believed and has so much faith, that Our Lady of the Roses blessed him and helped him recover. I am so happy for this man.
from the Philippines

To Our Lady of the Roses:
At the June Anniversary Vigil, at the site of the Vatican Pavilion, at 7:30 p.m., I saw the sun spinning with sparks coming out of the side. The color of the sun was the same as usual. This went on for five minutes. Then the sun stopped spinning, and a red and white ring formed around the sun, and the rest of the sun turned blue--the same color as the sky. It was as though I was looking through the sun.
Also, at that moment, others were looking at the sun. They stated that they saw a crucifix in the sun, plus others stated that they saw Our Blessed Mother in the sun. I personally did not see the crucifix, nor Our Blessed Mother, because I was looking at some photographs that were being taken. The next thing that I saw was the sun turning into the Sacred Heart. It was dripping and pulsating loudly, and the color was still the normal color of the sun. There must have been about at least fifty people viewing the above. It is also interesting to note how I was blessed in being able to see the above.
Every time I read something about the messages from Bayside, I would tell my wife how exciting these apparitions of Veronica Lueken are. I read all the messages from 1970 to 1984. My children heard me talk a great deal about this. They said they were going to go there or bust. The main reason was they were going to see how crazy I was becoming and what doctor they were going to send me to. At this time, they were ready to go to Bayside or Church. I was merely using reverse psychology on these children that were checking to see if I should be committed to a mental hospital.
Well, two of my three sons went to Bayside on the Anniversary date in their auto and followed my wife, and myself, and my brother-in-law. They walked around the sacred grounds like Sherlock Holmes, and that is when they saw all the above. Oh, they were so excited. They were so excited and called me to see what they saw. Now they are firm believers in Bayside, thanks to God.
a testimony from the June Anniversary Vigil

To Our Lady of the Roses:
This is a testimony of how prayers are answered through Our Lady of the Roses. My grandson’s skullcap was not formed correctly, and the doctors advised that he should wear a skullcap or have a major surgery. I asked a dear friend of mine to pray for him, and she wrote to Our Lady of the Roses Shrine, Mary Help of Mothers and repeated many rosaries, and she gave me the Rose Petal from Our Lady of the Roses Shrine, and I rubbed my grandson’s head with the Rose Petal. She also gave me Our Lady of the Roses medal which I pinned to his crib sheet. The baby’s head is now totally formed, and he did not require a cap or surgery. The doctors are amazed. Please share this miracle with your readers everywhere.
from Arizona

Dear Veronica,
I have been confused and searching for a long time for something I felt was missing in my life. In the past few weekends, I turned to a channel on our local cable and saw the story of Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers. I cannot begin to tell you the feelings I experienced. I was raised Catholic but had not practiced for many years. I am now trying to put my spiritual life back in its course. I started to say the Rosary since that day, which seems to have brought me the beginning of some inner peace.
I would appreciate it if you could send me a Rose Petal and literature about the Shrine. God bless you for helping people like me who have just started, and--with Our Lady’s help--I will finally be able to put myself in a state of grace and complete inner peace.
from Massachusetts

Dear Veronica,
My ten-year-old grandson and I were present at the Shrine grounds Pavilion in Bayside, on June 18 this year. I began to have a great deal of trouble with my right foot. At that time, the problem was seminoids, and later I was plagued with a series of tumors. I have had surgery a number of times to remove them, and each time the foot was left more and more impaired. I had very extensive surgery which involved seven different operations and removal of portions of the bone. Enclosed is a copy of the surgical report.
After that, my walking never returned to normal. The surgeons were discussing amputation, but miraculously, a new blood channel was forged to get circulation to the toes, and amputation was prevented. Since then, walking and standing has been very painful, and I have avoided each as much as possible.
However, on June 18, although I did not petition a cure for myself, my grandson did. On June 19 at the airport, I noticed I was limping, and when I arrived at Houston, I was able to carry my luggage with no strain on the foot. By Friday, June 20, I was feeling no pain and the foot was stronger. On Saturday, June 21, for the first time in years, I danced at my nephew’s wedding.
The foot is still disfigured and ugly but it is serviceable and the pain is gone. Also, the foot is getting stronger each day. For this I wholeheartedly thank Jesus and Our Blessed Mother. If this is worthy of a testimonial of love and care of Jesus and Mary, please use it. I am giving credit to them and to the people who have known me all through this affliction. It is a proof of the power of prayer and the authenticity of the apparitions at Bayside.
from Texas

Dear Veronica,
My husband has been suffering from poor circulation in his legs for a long period of time. In recent months, he injured his leg and it became infected. His doctor referred him to a surgeon. He put him on antibiotics and treatments, but the leg just would not heal.
In the meantime, I had sent away for a blessed Rose Petal from Our Lady of the Roses Shrine. I had my husband put the Petal on top of the dressing, the doctor had ordered him to do everyday. The doctor was amazed that suddenly his leg was healing. He told my husband that a wound of that nature would take much longer to heal than the three months that it had.
One day in the office visit, the Rose Petal fell from the bandage my husband was wearing. The doctor asked him what it was, and he explained that it was a blessed Rose Petal from Our Lady of the Roses Shrine. The doctor was amazed, and he also agreed that my husband had received a miraculous healing. In fact, the doctor said that if the large wound had not healed sooner, he was contemplating surgery to remove the leg. He also agreed that there was more than medical attention for this healing. Of course, we all agree that this healing was related to Our Lady of the Roses--the Rose Petal from Bayside.
from New York

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