Blog: Why the vape doesn’t float
by drammatec

Why the vape doesn't float

If the vape stops working and producing steam, the user finds himself in an extremely unpleasant situation, and even the risk of returning to dangerous cigarettes increases. However, in most such cases, the situation is not hopeless and can be corrected fairly quickly.

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If the vape stops working and producing steam, the user finds himself in an extremely unpleasant situation, and even the risk of returning to dangerous cigarettes increases. However, in most such cases, the situation is not hopeless and can be corrected fairly quickly. You just need to understand some of its aspects.

Where does the smoke in an electronic cigarette come from?

To understand where breakdowns can occur in an electronic cigarette, you should first understand its three main components, thanks to which smoke (steam) appears in it:

  • The battery pack is the main element that provides power to the evaporators and in some cases allows you to change the settings and vaping modes;
  • Atomizer - a device in the evaporation chamber of which a tasty aromatic vapor is formed through the evaporation of liquid on heating elements built into it (replaceable evaporators, spirals);
  • Liquid for vape is the very source of vapor, without pouring it into the atomizer there will be no vapor, it is the liquid that turns into vapor under the influence of temperatures.

Why the vape doesn't float

If the vape does not float, you should immediately make sure that it is working properly - check the state of the mod, the electronic board built into it, and also check the battery charge level and the contact between the mod and the atomizer. Finally, pay attention to whether the device is turned on and how much the correct power is set in its settings. If all these components are in order, but the pair is not, the reason may lie in the following:

  • The liquid has run out - in this case, it is enough just to fill the atomizer tank or drip tray again to continue using the device;
  • A burned out evaporator or coil - in such a situation, a complete replacement of the failed elements will be required, fortunately, they are replaceable by nature, therefore, most often the vaper has spare evaporators or materials for base maintenance at hand;
  • No power is supplied to the heating elements - in this case, you should check the correct installation of the evaporator or coils in the base, tighten the contacts, screw the replaceable element again so that it sits in its seat without distortions.

What to do if the vape doesn't stretch well. Little steam

Special attention should be paid to the situation in which the mod (battery pack) works fully, but the vape does not stretch well or produces too little steam. The reasons for this trouble may be as follows:

  • Low power of the mod - a dead battery cannot supply enough voltage to the heating elements, therefore there is simply not enough power to produce steam, in addition, too low power can be set in the device settings;
  • Blocked air ducts - it is important to check the airflow settings and the absence of blockages in the air supply holes before using;
  • Incorrect installation of spirals or laying of cotton wool - sometimes mistakes made when installing spirals or laying cotton wool lead to overlapping of the air duct openings, which excludes the normal passage of air in the system and does not allow a normal tightening;
  • Leakage of liquid - if liquid from the tank has entered the air ducts due to insufficient tightness, it can also complicate the passage of air and make it difficult to tighten;
  • Clogging of the device - the tank and spirals tend to clog up during operation, this leads to the inability to fully use the vape and requires taking measures to clean and maintain it.

In most cases, the usual cleaning of the atomizer and its heating elements with the help of conventional rinsing, cleaning in an ultrasonic bath, and also by burning the spirals helps to get rid of the problem with a difficult inhalation or insufficient amount of steam.

Ultrasonic cleaner

Cleaning a tank or drip with an ultrasonic cleaner is the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to prevent the device. Today such devices are used by many professionals working with electronics and small mechanical parts, and a variety of stores offer inexpensive models of consumer-grade ultrasonic baths. The user will only need to disassemble the atomizer, place it in the tray and turn on the device. After a while, the parts are removed from the water, washed, dried and reassembled.


The simplest and most affordable way to clean an atomizer in most cases is considered to be its usual rinsing. This procedure looks quite simple:

  1. First, disconnect the atomizer from the battery pack;
  2. Next, the device should be placed in hot water and left in it for 20 minutes;
  3. Now you need to remove the product from the water, blow it thoroughly, disassemble and rinse all the parts under running water;
  4. After that, the procedure with a hot bath should be repeated again;
  5. After the second soaking, it remains to rinse the parts, thoroughly blow through the air ducts to remove residual water and spread until completely dry for about a day;
  6. After 24 hours, reassemble the atomizer, refill the liquid and try the first few puffs.


In the event that cleaning or rinsing did not eliminate the problem, you will have to deal with the atomizer spirals, the clogging of which can also prevent normal vaporization. It would be ideal to replace these elements with new ones, especially if they have been used for a long time. Burning will help to revive the old spirals covered with smoke, which is performed according to the following step-by-step instructions:

  1. First you need to disconnect the tank or drip from the battery pack and thoroughly blow out all air ducts;
  2. Now you need to remove the top of the tank or top-cap of the drip to gain access to the base;
  3. Remove the cotton wool from the spirals, rinse them thoroughly under running water, remove the remaining liquid from the base and leave to dry for several hours;
  4. After the product has dried, you can proceed directly to the burning itself;
  5. Connect the atomizer without the top to the contact area of ​​the mod, turn it on, adjust the power and hold down the Fire key for 4-5 seconds so that the spirals glow red;
  6. Now the Fire key should be released and the metal should be allowed to cool down a little, then repeat the burning 10-15 more times;
  7. Together with burning, you can try to additionally clean the spirals using a special metal brush, the main thing is not to touch the spirals at the moment when the Fire key is pressed, that is, when no voltage is applied to them;
  8. When the spirals have cooled down, put new cotton wool in them, moisten it abundantly with liquid and press the Fire button again to check how evenly steam is formed on the surface of the heating elements;
  9. If everything works fine, you can reassemble the atomizer, pour liquid into its reservoir and try to take the first few puffs.

The steam turned bitter

Problems in e-cigarette operation can occur even with a large amount of steam and normal draft. In this case, vapers are faced with the unpleasant taste of the vapor itself, which becomes bitter and ruins the vaping experience. If an unpleasant bitterness appears in the taste of steam, this may indicate the following:

  • The spirals are heavily soiled and the plaque starts to burn on them - in this case, it is better to replace them with new ones or resort to the burning described above;
  • The cotton wool in the spirals is laid too tightly or too loosely - if there is too much or too little cotton wool, it will definitely start to burn due to insufficiently intensive wetting of the spirals with liquid;
  • The holes for the liquid supply to the spirals are clogged - if the holes for the liquid supply are clogged or were accidentally blocked, the liquid again will not get on the heating elements, which will provoke the cotton wool in them to burn out;
  • Too high power of the vape mods - be sure to control this moment, since too high a voltage supplied to the spirals that are not designed for it, they will begin to heat up too quickly, burning the cotton wool placed in them;

Incorrect vaping - bitter vapor can be the result of too long puffs, in which all elements of the device overheat, in addition, the Fire key should be pressed only during a puff, when a thrust is created, allowing the liquid to pass faster through the cotton wool to the spirals.

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