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by caa522

Intermittent fast day 4

Hit the gym 3 times yesterday and feeling the effects this morning. Feeling pretty wiped out

Date:   4/20/2015 11:40:49 AM   ( 9 y ) ... viewed 584 times

I know it may seem crazy going to the gym 3 times. First of all they weren't full on workouts. Usually 10-15 minutes of Sauna and treadmill 20 to 30 minutes doing intervals of brisk walking and running. The first one yesterday was less than my minimum since I was short for time and did only 15 minutes. I just wanted to get my body loosened and warmed up to start my day. The other thing about going to the gym is that it is my outlet to release built up energy and get me back to center. Since last week with the Santa Ana winds blowing I found myself more irritable, easily agitated, with increased mental chatter. The gym is 2 blocks away from my house and this is my quiet time. Interestingly, it is my sanctuary. Home away from home. It is where I am simply me. All hats taken off. No needs to meet but my own. Here's my thing about running. Yes it's a workout and it's good for your body but ultimately I just love catching the moments when your mind is silenced, you feel less of the body, the world disappears, and most of what is left is the pure bliss of freedom. I guess, you overcome the body, the mind/ego, and spirit is liberated. You soar. =) I have also gotten really excited to be able to run without joint/tendinitis pain. I can't tell you how long it has been since I've been able to do that. I had become anxious about getting on the treadmill for fear of being reminded about the failings and limitations of my body. I feel like I'm running like I was in my 20s. Only thing I did notice was I felt some increased tightness in both inner thighs. I foam rolled them last night so hopefully that will resolve that.

I'm going to see how this morning goes. I am seeing that this could potentially Day 1 of my fast (round 3). I haven't consumed anything since last night. It is typical for me not to eat until the afternoon anyway. But seeing I had a physically demanding day yesterday I will get a feel for how things go this day. If I don't feel good about starting, or conflicted about doing it then I will wait another day and do the same to listen physical/spiritual guidance. I don't like to force things to happen. I'm going with the flow. Another thing to note, I woke up with a sore throat and have been sneezing more this morning. At this time, I'm feeling the energy around to be more calm. I don't feel this restless energy. Though there are many things to do (when is there not), I really want to get deep with my ACIM book. I want to commune with God as much as I can today. I wanna get high with God. lol.

I had a real good quiet time this morning. Important insights with readings in ACIM. For the first time in ages I decided to catch 11am yoga class. I was about 5 minutes late so ended up at the front (the place I always stay away from) right next to the teacher. I was really glad I went. Great stretch and relaxation. I had difficulty with the power poses and was shaking or muscles fatigued too quickly. I was just tired already at the start of class so I modified the power poses. Hit the sauna after and really debated getting on the treadmill but passed it up anyway.

So I got home not feeling better, energy wise. I'm not so much thinking this is detox but more rather viral. So basically I realized much of the day my fearful thoughts of getting sick has started to gain momentum. I have such a habitual way of assessing the situation that if this____, then ______. Well, I am going to do my best to try a different way and replace fearful thoughts. My readings in ACIM helped me connect the dots. So here was what I read:

"When you seem to see some twisted form of the original error rising to frighten you, say only, "God is not fear, but love," and it will disappear. The truth will save you. It has not left you, to go out into the mad world and so depart from you. Inward is sanity; insanity is outside you. You but believe it is the other way; that truth is outside, and error and guilt within. Your little, senseless substitutions, touched with insanity and swirling lightly off on a mad course like feathers dancing insanely in the wind, have no substance. They fuse and merge and separate, in shifting and totally meaningless patterns that need not be judged at all. To judge them individually is pointless. Their tiny differences in form are no real differences at all. None of them matters. That they have in common and nothing else. Yet what else is necessary to make them all the same?

Let them all go, dancing in the wind, dipping and turning till they disappear from sight, far, far outside of you. And turn you to the stately calm within, where in holy stillness dwells the living God you never left, and Who never left you. The Holy Spirit takes you gently by the hand, and retraces with you your mad journey outside yourself, leading you gently back to the truth and safety within. He brings all your insane projections and the wild substitutions that you have placed outside you to the truth. Thus he reverses the course of insanity and restores you to reason."

I went to gym and again to sauna and run. This time I had a different attitude. I kept repeating my phrase from ACIM and found strength. On the treadmill 20 minutes with a good amount of running 5.8 to 6.0. I also added 10 minutes on the elliptical with moderate exertion....will update in a few. Battery is at 2%

Not much to update at this point. My throat continues to be itchy and scratchy and sneezing periodically. Energy levels are okay. Interestingly sometime around 10pm I wanted breakfast. Ummm a couple strips of bacon and an egg. Again not "healthy" by world standards. It may sound like rationalizing but I'm trying to change my thoughts about everything I've labeled "good" or "bad".

I saw a posted message today from board in another site from someone asking the following question (I wondered the same that's why I googled it):

Would a spiritual being eat meat/dairy products? How does it affect the vibrations?

I wonder about eating meat and animal derived products. Since my spiritual journey, about 2 years ago, I turned raw vegan (don't ask me how, it was consciously unintended, and took me by surprise!)However, recently, about 3 weeks ago, after repeated dreams about eating eggs, I started eating eggs besides honey. I physically feel way better than before but wonder how this affects my vibrations. (I have no cravings whatsoever for other animal products or intentions there) Thank you, namaste

Here are answers:

"Jesus both drank alchohol ( and made some too ) and was a flesh eater.[Citation Needed] Im not too sure but i think He was fairly spiritual as a being and cant see it damaged his credibility,vibration or much else. Sorry if that sounded a bit flippant.As a regualr partaker of meat,fish ,alcohol and the odd pipe i find it difficult to understand how this affects me spiritually. However i will say that many of the new thought writers i study and admire DO recommend some dietary considerations so there may well be something in this."

"I believe that what you think matters more than what you eat. We line up our vibrations through our thoughts not through food."

"Different dominant thoughts (attitudes) may inspire you to eat different foods at different times but it's always about the thoughts first."


I really do agree with the answers I read. I mentioned in my earlier posts about being more aware of my thoughts and the belief system I have about the world. Particularly, food and the body, as it currently has most of my attention.
As I investigate my belief system. I am praying God help me understand.

"Our thoughts have no power over us until we believe them"---Byron Katie

That's for bacon. lol

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