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by caa522

Intermittent fast Day 2 - Slept like a baby

Had a meal of mostly protein/fats. First time today I felt a twinge of hip pain deep in the joint. I decided to skip the treadmill today.

Date:   4/18/2015 6:29:47 PM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 477 times

I slept so well. I didn't get up once to pee or anything. At least I have absolutely no recollection of it. No I'm sure I didn't I had some very very interesting dreams. Animals in my dreams...monkeys, cheetah/leopard and puma fighting, I was in the midst being near all of them. Not in the wild but in normal suburban life. It didn't happen simultaneously but separate occurrences . Maybe it's Native American spiritual significance stuff. Or...I was watching Survivorman Big foot before I slept. But he just talks and no animals are seen. If anything only discussion of animal in depth was bear prints. I wish I would have written down details of my dream as I had remembered more earlier but now I can't. I went to the gym and did a very long dry sauna, then wet and back to dry. When I was done I noticed eyes were twitching or vibrating is more like a better description. Like fast subtle electrical impulses. Strange. It was brief. I went home and drank diatomaceous earth & fulvic/humic ionic minerals. By the way I weighed at 134.2 lbs and 27.1% BF. I went to sauna and drank water and then checked weight again to see any difference and I registered at 134.0lbs 25.3% BF. So it's interesting to see how BF% can vary with less than an hour and only change is really the water in your body. I don't know if I mentioned before how handy it is to have a scale that gives BF%. I've had that for many years and it is worth it's weight in gold (haha pun was not intended). At least when you don't see the scale budge you may see your body fat percentage changes and it makes a difference in how you understand your body. One of the things I like to see and understand is how water retention affects my body whether it's diet or hormonal influences. Now is it super accurate? Well certainly not as accurate as hydrostatic underwater body composition testing. I did that once when I was at USC and the head of Exercise Science dept got me tested and also bone density scanned. Well that was free and I don't feel the need to pay for that to be done now I got my scale. I got this from a website for scales with BF%.

"..whether body fat scales measure your "true" body fat percentage or not doesn't matter! As long as they can accurately monitor changes in your body composition over time, that's all you need. Your body position, the amount of water in your body, your food intake, skin temperature and recent physical activity can all adversely affect the results of body fat scales. So...
To achieve accurate, consistent results, you must standardise the way you perform each test. That simply means making each test with your scales as similar as possible."

I agree with this. How true or close to accurate is my scale? I' can't say But understanding my body composition is really what I'm interested in and the changes. I get an average amount over time and figure I must be within that range of about plus/minus 5%. That's not a scientific calculation. That's just how I perceive it. I just like to see some correlation between weight changes and body fat%. Okay if I'm rambling on about it I apologize. I just know there are people who weigh themselves and get discouraged if the scale doesn't show an expected weight change.

Interesting events today. Very interesting indeed. at 10ish this morning before I could complete my post a friend texted me that she was at the park with her son. We met about a couple of months ago. She had just moved to town from Beverly Hills. She was a lawyer. They basically went from a large home with an extravagant lifestyle to that living in simple 2 bedroom apartment. Well, I was relaxing in bed and I didn't feel like going but gut feelings were saying she needed a friend. So I went out to meet with her and we sat on a blanket by a few big trees. We chatted about the challenges and struggles she was going through. I was giving her guidance and support. During this time a rather large black and yellow butterfly came out of no where and literally flew quickly and stopped for a second in front of our faces and flew quickly away. It was swiftly more like a bird than a fluttering butterfly. We were so delighted by this divine blessing. We saw it fly quite a distance away and it returned a second time to us and lingered a few seconds longer and then flew off. Woooowww. We ended up getting 2 hours of sun and started to wrap up. As we were packing our things my 8yo said he saw one of his classmates having a picnic about 20 feet away from us. I went over just to say my quick hello to the mom. While I was saying hi, another lady said my name and she recognized me. It took me by surprise and it turned out to be a mother of one of my clients maybe 4 or 5 years ago. Her son was born at 24weeks and I came in to their home to do therapy. Holy cow. That was interesting. She knew me when I had just had my third child. I knew her when she just had 2. Now she has three. Anyway we did some quick catching up. I got in my friends car and she dropped us off. while I was saying goodbye to her a car pulled up to our house which I didn't recognize. Out came my oldest sons best friend and his dad. They moved away to Carmel (about 3 hours North). We usually text and call in advance to make arrangements but this is the first they just showed up. They said they wanted it to be a surprise. Honestly we haven't done our weekend chores and tidied up but suddenly our house felt like a social hub. So I had an additional two boys joining our family. I wanted to give my friend a break and take her son off her hands for a bit. She was very grateful to have a moment to have a meal with her husband in peace. I know this mother feels overwhelmed and does not have any support of friends or family. Being able to encourage her during this challenging time in her life, my heart was warmed to see how God's hand has brought us together to cross paths.

8 pm
I am follow Paleo/ketogenic intermittent diet. I know there is a refeeding plan and I've read it many times. I am just not in favor of using fruit juice or anything with simple sugars in it. They have been triggers for me. I enjoy veggies/meats/fats and feel satiated. Sugars/carbs seem to give me cravings and usually for more of the same stuff. I was not a big meat eater before but for now I will add more if it means that's how I can keep triggers out of the equation. I was surfing the net about how foods raise/lower your vibration. I read a post of someone asking about the impact of eating meat and the influences on your vibration. I saw a very lengthy but great response. I would love to share with you. It resonated so well with me. Makes absolute sense.


As there is no singular "spiritual view" on any subject, the following is my own perspective, and is not meant to condone or condemn any particular lifestyle. (I spent a number of years as a vegetarian, during which time I learned what an incendiary topic this can be.) Further, I don't believe there is one diet that is right for all people; as with everything else in life, we must consult our own inner guidance to determine what is right and best for us.

Of course, we are also wise to look to nature to determine what will best nourish and sustain us physically, and there are things we must accept in order to live in peace on this planet. One is that death is inevitable; another is that there is a food chain in effect here, and in order to survive, other living beings must die. Even if we eat nothing but grass, the grass must die to feed us.

In order to be healthy, we can't eat nothing but grass, of course, so we are wise to listen to our bodies to determine the best diet for us. If we want to be physically strong and healthy, we must devote ourselves to physical health. We must actively exercise the body and engage the physical realm by eating of the fruits of the earth and interacting with the world around us. This is the archetype of the warrior or hunter who is all physical: he is at home in his body; he eats whatever he can catch without remorse; he takes what he can from the earth; and he grows physically strong and prosperous.

If we have goals beyond physical health and survival, then we may make different choices regarding a lot of things, including what we eat. When we begin to evolve spiritually and desire more than just physical survival, we start to long for higher, more abstract aims such as the development of wisdom and compassion. I assume that this is where you are coming from: you want to be both spiritually and physically "fit."

At the other end of the spectrum from the hunter, there are spiritual seekers like monks and gurus who have little or no interest in physical survival, who long for nothing but communion with the Divine. It is from this end of the spectrum that we get our ideas about eating meat being spiritually detrimental. Naturally, most of us fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, in that grey area where it can be hard to reason our way to what is right and best.

As is true of all things in Creation, different foods do have various vibrations, and every interaction affects us to some degree. When we ingest something, it tends to affect us strongly and directly, thus the common saying, You are what you eat. In fact, in some native cultures, certain animals were eaten in order to absorb their traits, and some peoples even consumed their enemies in order to gain their powers.

We all have an innate sense that some food is inherently heavy while other food is light. This goes beyond how it feels in our stomachs, for plant foods are directly synthesized from sunlight. The further we move from this process, the lower in vibration food gets. Thus freshly picked fruits, vegetables and nuts are generally high in vibration, while meat from animals is lower. The closer food is to a living state, the higher its vibration, so it may surprise a lot of vegetarians to know that bread, pasta, and other processed foods are typically of a vibration lower than meat.

If you are longing to leave this world or want to sit in meditation all day in search of nirvana, it would make sense to eat only small amounts of the highest vibration food you can find, the point being to minimize your interaction with the physical planet. Here you turn entirely within and the physical world is ignored. Of course, this is not a lifestyle that promotes physical health and well-being; it is instead devoted to transcending this realm.

None of this is as simple as a mathematical equation, of course, for much depends on the mental, emotional and spiritual energy that surrounds all we do. If the animals we eat are treated inhumanely; if we eat without gratitude or respect for the beings that are feeding us; if we are full of negative emotions when we are eating, then even the sweetest fruits of the earth may not benefit us. By contrast, if the animals we eat are treated humanely; if we prepare our food with love and reverence; if our own vibration is high and aligned with well-being, then whatever we eat should nourish us well.

Many say that when animals are inhumanely treated and slaughtered, their bodies release hormones that are passed on to us, and we all know how powerful hormones can be. So both physically and metaphysically, when we eat an animal that lived with constant pain and anxiety and was terrified when it was slaughtered, we may ingest its fear, which would be a heavy anchor on our vibration. Though it sounds incredible, it's possible that plants have a similar but subtler reaction when we pick them. (For a fascinating read, I recommend one of my favorite books of all time, The Secret Life of Plants.)

Since we must eat other beings in order to survive, the degree to which our choices affect us depends on how well we listen to our conscience and our bodies regarding what we eat. The more we infuse all we do with respect and reverence for life, the higher our vibration and the higher our course of experience. No doubt this is one reason why so many religions teach us to pray over our food, to give thanks for it and bless it that it may nourish us well.

Of course, eating high vibration food does encourage a high vibration. That doesn't mean that we can't set our own tone and have a high vibration while eating low vibration foods; it just means that it will take more conscious effort and energy to overcome the low vibrations we ingest. This is also true of all influences, of course: if we surround ourselves with spiritual people and peaceful circumstances, we will naturally grow more spiritual and peaceful. This doesn't mean we can't be spiritual and peaceful in chaotic, disharmonious situations, but doing so will take more conscious effort on our part.

In summary, while eating whole, fresh plant foods encourages a high vibration, good health also supports a high vibration, so we are wise to listen to our bodies and feed them accordingly. While meat has a lower vibration than fresh plant foods, we are still better off eating humanely raised and slaughtered meat than the processed, dead energy of refined carbohydrates that form the bulk of the modern diet.

Above all, we must listen to our inner knowing regarding all we do. Life is a personal, individual journey, so there is no one right answer for all people. There are certain habits and attitudes that tend to support and nourish us regardless of the individual choices we make. If we act with love, take good care of ourselves, and give thanks for all our blessings, we naturally align with a high vibration, personal power, and a high level of experience.


Here is the link to where I found the post:

Okay, so I'm following my inner guidance as to what to do at this point. What to do for re-feeding and whether I jump back on a dry fast for several days. I'm taking it one day at a time so it's hard to say I'm doing this or that since I may change what I decide one moment to the next. I will devote more time to prayer tonight and tomorrow and see how I will continue for the week. I tend to like to start my fasts at the beginning of the week so if I decide on a dry fast it will most likely begin on Sunday some time.

I forgot to mention something important. There were about 3 times total when I was walking and felt a sharp hip pain deep into the joint. The last one literally hurt enough to make me limp. So I realize a couple of things about this. I'm afraid to stop fasting because I'm thinking that eating will bring back physical ailments. I believe my fears are projecting the experience I'm having. So recognizing this I ask Our Father for guidance and understanding that peace may be restored to my mind.

I pray:

"I must have decided wrongly because I am not at peace. I made this decision myself, but I can also decide otherwise. I want to decide otherwise because I want to be at peace. I do not feel guilty, because the Holy Spirit will undo all the consequences of my wrong decision if I will let Him. I choose to let Him by allowing Him to decide for God for me."---A Coursse In Miracles

I forgive and release my fearful thoughts to the Holy Spirit for purification. I am willing to replace it with The Truth. I will joyfully wait for His answer, certain that I will have it.


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