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by caa522

Day 3 --- Should I be feeling this good?

That's a crazy question but seriously started to get anxious about going so long dry fasting for my first try.

Ended dry fast late in the afternoon and switched to water fast.

Date:   4/14/2015 3:35:05 AM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 613 times

So I had been asleep since 11pm. I woke up to pee and have been having some worries. I wonder if DF (50hrs now) can affect anxiety levels at this point. Well, when I'm not fasting I don't experience anxiety any more than the average person so I'm just wondering.

Off topic...So you know how I mentioned in my previous post about numbers. I saw on my laptop 1:11am and battery charge 83% (8+3=11). I decided to check my phone and it showed 1:11am 38% battery charge and 56F (5+6=11) temp. Synchronicities...but I digress.

Back to what's relevant. I felt my right hip bothering me before I had gone to bed. As I had read from other DF posts, feeling pain can be seen as your body breaking down the damaged/unhealthy stuff as healing is taking place. I'm going to hold on to those thoughts for encouragement. I noticed my feet seemed a bit red from edema and my stomach with slight burning sensation. My palms and abdomen were itching but symptoms were mild enough to not really worry about. Nevertheless, I feel like taking a few sips of water just to alleviate my concerns. I am going to pray for guidance. If my anxiety is alleviated I will stay on it, otherwise I think that is my signal to take some sips of water.

So, earlier after having those fears creeping in I prayed for guidance and help with sleeping, and pretty quickly felt a wave of calm/peace. I knew it was all gonna be just fine. I slept well and woke up 5ish. The palm of my hands continue to be itchy through the night. I'm at 55 hours now with dry fasting. I noticed I was salivating a bit more at 1am. I was thinking it had to do with the sore on my tongue. Swallowing all that saliva seemed to trigger hunger. So this morning when saliva started to increase I opted to spit out rather than swallow. I am also surprised I'm not feeling as cold as I usually expect to be. When on Master Cleanse or water fasting, feeling cold is one of those things that I don't handle well. That is one of the reasons I love to go to the sauna. I also like to use an electric blanket as a more convenient remedy. Interestingly, despite have lost some fat (yaaay), I've been pretty comfortable with my body temp. My current body fat percentage has been within the 20s range. Again, how accurate those numbers are being put out by my scale is questionable but heck I'll take it. Every psychological boost is welcomed. Ohhh one last thing to note. My hip pain seemed to have gone.

Got my kids off to school except one today. I'm feeling a bit tired now. I thought about feeling blessed that I could fast and be at home. I can't imagine having to work while fasting. I guess it could be a good distraction but I am grateful that if I don't feel well or am tired I have options throughout my day to just crawl in to bed as needed. Except during drop offs and pickups of course. I am also grateful that I don't have to deal with the stresses of work. I mean there are challenges with being mom to 4 kids but ultimately I still call the shots. If I need to leave them and blow off steam at the gym or get a massage I could do that. I just sympathize for many how start the fast and have difficulty staying on to meet their goal because circumstances aren't the most optimal for supporting fasting. My Aunt, who is fasting along with me, is a PT but is on disability having dbl knee replacement. This is her first attempt to water fast and is on Day 4. She had horrible headaches and broke out in rashes the first 2 days. I suggested her to take some activated charcoal for emergency detox situations like that. Natural and effective. Her rashes disappeared and had her first complete day without headache. I did tell her be careful because activated charcoal will also pull out some good minerals too. So I prefer her to paint it on her rashes. I've had great success doing that with my daughter's eczema break outs. I reserve to take the AC (powder) mixed in with water orally when her headaches get to much to tolerate. Just have to mention...I'M NOT A DOCTOR OR EVEN CLOSE TO ONE. I'm not suggesting or prescribing anything to anyone. I'm just sharing my experience. With that said, my Aunt had asked me everything I took when water fasting and basically purchased them all (Ionic minerals, diatomaceous earth, and Magnesium Calm (though I prefer magnesium oil topically when I'm fasting). Moving right along...

I noticed yesterday when I was cooking Hawaiin chicken with some sides of mixed veggies in Kerry Gold butter (grass fed cows make a difference in flavor!) I didn't feel tempted at all. Eating or wanting anything while I was cooking was not a factor at all. Just the same this morning. I cooked spinach/mozarella raviolis and mac and cheese. The sights and smells didn't even have any impact on me. Usually now that I'm in Day 3 I'm feeling a bit deprived and somewhat susceptible to yummy smells from cooking. Have my taste buds gone into hibernation? Fascinating.

BTW scale this morning says 136.6 lbs and 28.3% BF. Urinalysis results show pH at 6, lowest lvl protein detected, increased ketones to 40mg/dL. No leukocytes, and seems like bilirubin is testing positive but the color indicators are so subtle I'm not too sure.

found this info about bilirubin in urine:

"- serum bilirubin levels are significantly elevated(doubled to tripled) in humans and other mammals(monkeys, horses, rats) during fasting and caloric restriction. (REF. 1, 2)"

other good facts with supported references at the site. Check it out. Well, I'm comforted by what I read. So onward with my DF.

62 hours of dry fasting.
Physically I've been able to get some rest but mentally my brain has been going and going. My quiet time and meditation has significantly dwindled the last few days. I usually start my day with a good quiet time with God but not so much the last couple of days. It's so important for me to stay present and be watchful of my thoughts and feelings otherwise the voice of the ego takes over and drowns out the Holy Spirit. One can easily become preoccupied with the body/externals and get caught up in meaningless chatter of the ego. I just got my nose in my ACIM and how quickly it recalibrates my thinking. I went from a busy mind caught up in analysis of the past events so I can project, predict, control future outcome. No wonder I was getting anxious. Well, Jesus' words are comforting and gets me back to staying in the present. My attention has been redirected to emphasize the spiritual rather than the physical.


Lesson 233
Father, I give You all my thoughts today. I would have none of mine. In place of them, give me Your Own. I give You all my acts as well, that I may do Your Will instead of seeking goals which cannot be obtained, and wasting time in vain imaginings. Today I come to You. I will step back and merely follow You. Be You the Guide, and I the follower who questions not the wisdom of the Infinite, nor Love whose tenderness I cannot comprehend, but which is yet Your perfect gift to me.

Today we have one Guide to lead us on. And as we walk together, we will give this day to Him with no reserve at all. This is His day. And so it is a day of countless gifts and mercies unto us."


I have officially stopped dry fasting and beginning the water fasting stage. It started with feeling some mild cramping and numbness in my hands and forearms. I waited a couple of hours just observing if it would just go away. I also started have stronger and more frequent thoughts to want to drink. I went to sauna just for a bit. About 5-7 minutes in the dry sauna and then 3-5 minutes in the wet sauna. I did the treadmill of 16 minutes brisk walking and 4 minutes of running at 5.7 mph. I started with a small sip of water and let that just sit in my mouth for about 3 minutes and then spit it out. I waited another 5 minutes and took another small spit and just let it stay in my mouth and little by little consumed it over about a three minute period. I have been doing that every 10-15 minutes. I'm relaxing in bed as I let my body slowly absorb the fluids/minerals. After reading up on dry fasting I know how critical it is to do re-feeding properly. Thanks to highbuzz in the dry fasting forum for providing info. Check it out.

He gave me this link on DF:

I still may go back to dry fasting before I complete 10 days. it all depends.

Happy fasting!

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